How long does a bankruptcy take in KY?


Bankruptcy is not something that many people want to think about. In most cases, when it has come down to bankruptcy there is no other option and the filer has done all they can to try and make the best out of their situation and have worked to do whatever they can to avoid it. That being said, bankruptcy is still something that millions of people face and learning what you can about it can truly help you through the process.  

What is Bankruptcy? 

Bankruptcy is the process by which a filer defaults on debt that they can no longer pay back. This can be credit card debt, loans, even mortgages. There are some types of debt that cannot be defaulted on, things like student loan debt and money owed to the IRS cannot be defaulted on. Bankruptcy is a way to help reset your finances in some cases which does allow you a chance to start over effectively without having to pay back debt that you cannot handle.  

What is the Bankruptcy Process? 

The first step is to admit that you do need to file for bankruptcy. You need to first take the time to find a lawyer or a law office that is going to be able to help you file for bankruptcy and get your bankruptcy filed. You will need to go through and make sure you make a note of all the debts that you have and all the debts that you want to file in your bankruptcy.  

It is important that when you are filing for bankruptcy you are filing on all of your debts to make sure that you are filing on all that you want to. Once you file bankruptcy, you cannot file again for seven years so you do want to make sure that you file all that you can. With the help of a lawyer you can get the best outcome possible and you can get your bankruptcy filed and set in motion.  

After you have your debts catalogued you will then file the paperwork for the bankruptcy and start the legal process. Your lawyer will be able to talk you through the paper work and through the legal work so that you can get your bankruptcy on a roll. After you file for bankruptcy your lawyer is going to notify every debt collector that you owe and give them a change to come and try to collect the debt or discharge it. If they discharge it, the process can move forward but if they contest it you may have to reaffirm the debt and work on a schedule to pay it back.  

The bankruptcy process is always going to go smoother if you do have a great law firm on your side that can help you get the process done and can help you through each step. Though your particular state may have different time lines and standards, it does not mean that they will be incredibly different than the process mentioned here. A great law firm can help you to understand what you are doing and can help you understand each step of the process so that you can get the best outcome possible and get your bankruptcy done.  

How Long Does Bankruptcy take in Kentucky? 

In the state that you live in the time that it takes to have your bankruptcy fully field and taken care of may differ. In the state of Kentucky the process of bankruptcy takes 60 days to see if the debtors are going to discharge the debt or challenge. After that 60 days has passed you will then have to wait about three to six months to get the paperwork affirming that the paperwork showing that the debt has been discharged.  

From start to finish the entire process should take no more than 6 months from start to finish. It is always best to take the time to make sure that you have a great lawyer and law firm on your side to make sure that you are getting the right information and the right overall help for the process. Bunch and Brock Law Firm can help you from the first time that you do determine that you want to file to the last confirmation that your bankruptcy has gone through. 

With the right help and the right information, anyone can get their bankruptcy filed and taken care of from start to finish without trouble. Filing for bankruptcy might seem like something that is going to take a ton of time and effort but with the help of a great law firm you can learn what you need to know and you can be certain that you are doing all the right things and that your bankruptcy is going to be fully legal and work well.

Having someone on your side that understands what you are dealing with and that is ready to help you step by step can certainly make a difference and can help you to get your filing off to a great start and an even better finish.  


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