Detox Services for You


The use of alcohol, drugs, and medication can quickly become a vicious cycle. Rehab services can help find a solution to this issue.

One way out of it is to go to a rehab clinic and undergo detox or withdrawal therapy. It is carried out as inpatient treatment in a clinic or as outpatient treatment. The duration depends on the degree of the disease.

Why Choose a Clinic

Important services provided by Serenity Addiction Centers include outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation procedures. We offer drug and alcohol detox services at several locations in England, Scotland, Wales, and even France.

An appreciative resource-oriented and supportive approach characterizes the way we work. We work with you to achieve your individual goals, which we review together for everyday suitability. It’s not fair to promise easy rehab, but we guarantee top-notch care.

The Importance of a Person

The therapy at Serenity Addiction Centers focuses on the whole person. Often, mental illnesses, such as neurosis, stress disorders, and trauma, accompany a dependency disorder, and addiction can be an expression of mental illness. A professional clinical assessment is performed to determine the best therapies and treatments specifically for you.

Treatments General Idea

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Serenity Addiction Centers have successfully provided medical rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addicts for many years. The prerequisite is physical withdrawal as part of a detoxification phase with appropriate medical care, nutrition, exercise, and therapy. In case of withdrawal symptoms, our specialists will monitor your health for possible complications.

The goals of the detox phase are to restore your physical health, learn alternative action strategies to dependent alcohol or drug use, prevent relapse, find new solutions regarding your social and professional situation.

Come to one of our rehab centers for a free consultation to begin the path to your new life. Free visits to our clinics to see if they are good for you are also available.


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