Dennis Allen fired! Greg Olson might lead Oakland Raiders next



The Oakland Raiders have replaced their head coach. It happened sooner than we thought, and Dennis Allen was canned late Monday night. His replacement will be either OC Greg Olson or Assistant Head Coach Tony Sparano. The Oakland Raiders have a history of firing coaches four games in. See Lane Kiffin in 2008; Mike Shanahan in 1989.

Here’s what CBS Sports Jason La Canfora, said on Sunday’s edition of The NFL Today:

“The Raiders are there (London) today. Their Owner, Mark Davis, [is] mulling big possible changes. If he were to let go of coach Dennis Allen during the upcoming bye week, I’m told Greg Olson, their offensive coordinator, [is] very highly thought of as a potential replacement candidate.”


Tomorrow the Raiders will hold a press conference to first put a bow on the Allen era. Then they will officially name their new interim head coach.

The Oakland Raiders have had eight coaches since 2002, the most in the NFL, during the past 20 years. In that span they’ve also had 10 different coaches and only three winning seasons.

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  1. And Greg Olson’s offense has been so great it qualifies him to be the next head coach?

  2. Really, do we want a coach that is part of the problem to now be Head Coach. I agree we need a new coach someone that is part of the problem is not going to be a resolution we need to look outside the circle of the problem for the resolution. This should have been done at the end of last season who is going to want to come to the circus now? It went from bad to worse in a few short months. We have the talent in players unfortunately we have NO talent in coaches. Why would they settle that is not a resolution

  3. are you kidding Greg Olson isnt he the idiot, whos been calling the plays? oh sure you say Carr is a rookie, sink or swim. third and twenty throw the ball two yards and let the non catching fools (except streeter) try and get the yardage with the defense in thier hip pockets. and that doesn’t even account for Mcfadden up the middle and you wonder why he gets hurt. open the blocking…

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