Four Most Dangerous Sports Fan Clashes of All Time


There aren’t many feelings that compare to your team winning a championship and celebrating with other fans. There’s so much passion, excitement, and thrill that you could taste it while jumping around and cheering. Sometimes, though, the contrast of emotions between the winners and losers can meet and create the perfect concoction for conflict.

In many cases, mostly in countries where soccer has the most fans, “hooligans” take to the streets looking for a fight. It’s usually the losers that want a brawl, but sometimes winning fans wish to scuffle.

Read ahead and take a look at the top 4 dangerous sports fan clashes to date.

Sydney Riot

Long ago, in 1879, a bad call from an umpire provoked English cricket team spectators. These fans, over 2,000 in number, took to the pitch in protest. A fight broke out in the crowd. Luckily, only two English players were hurt, but three fans were arrested. With such a large group of people, it’s a miracle things didn’t turn out worse.

This kind of behavior could end up creating a legal hassle for you. The team behind says that ‘if you’re charged with assault, and you’re convinced this is an incorrect assessment, a proper criminal defense attorney can save you from fines and jail time.’

Another Bad Call

On August 21, 1901, the Baltimore Orioles took on the Detroit Tigers. A player was called out while sitting on the first base. Arguments started between the team and the umpire. Joe McGinnity, the Oriole’s primary pitcher, decided to spit in the mediator’s eyes. Players on both teams took to the field, followed by hundreds of fans.

There was little violence, luckily, but many left the stadium with light injuries. Funnily enough, multiple spectators rushed to the box office for refunds.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Throughout 1971, two days made history. On February 13th, during a friendly cricket match between Australia and England, spontaneous frustration resulted in fans throwing beer cans and bottles onto the field. 

Some projectiles hit players but, notably, one landed on the head of a sight-screen attendant, leaving them unconscious. 14 spectators were arrested while over 190 were forced to leave. Fights in the stands resulted in multiple injuries.

On September 30 of the same year, during a match between the Senators and the Yankees, viewers rushed the pitch in frustration over the score. They stole bases, vandalized the stadium, and assaulted police and umpires.

Tragedy Strikes

One of the most shameful moments in sports fan history took place in 1985. During a UK game between Birmingham and Leeds, complete chaos ensued. Leeds fans began jumping, chanting, throwing projectiles, and worse. They started to set fires inside the stadium and, as a result of these actions, crushed a 14-year-old boy to death. The violence resulted in multiple arrests and one life sentence.

Stop the Violence

Sporting events evoke an avalanche of emotions for both players and spectators. Sadly at times, this overflows into violent encounters. Lessons can be learned from the past, so they don’t continue into the future.


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