Valuable NBA Players Expected To Be Traded Soon!


Pau Gasol Omer Asik

As the February trade deadline approaches, trade discussions heat up. As of lately, we have seen some action but there is much more juice ahead. Some players can be considered as a lock for a trade. Let’s see some of the most significant cases.

The Denver Nuggets are actively shopping Andre Miller. The 37-year old point guard will be on his way out and the Nuggets are happy to see a bunch of teams interested. Despite his age, Miller is considered as a top-tier guard. One of the most interesting trade scenarios around – the New York Knicks sending J.R. Smith over to Denver in exchange for Miller.

Such a trade would benefit both sides. The Knicks would happily use an experienced, quality guard like Miller in their backcourt, while the Nuggets need an upgrade in their perimeter shooting. The truth is that Smith is in the middle of a slump this season. His antics and his lack of motivation have forced the Knicks to seek for a trade, at least that’s the word they are spreading. But Miller has drawn much interest from several teams around the league, like the Sacramento Kings, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Golden State Warriors were also interested in him before landing Jordan Crawford. The Nuggets will get a good exchange for Andre Miller for sure.

Thaddeus Young just recently requested for a trade, according to multiple reports. Following his request, he uplifted his performance, trying to “sell” his courtesy to a title contender. The 25-year old versatile forward doesn’t want to be a part of the rebuilding which takes place in Philadelphia. Instead, we wants to be a member of a contending team. The 76ers will get much value of his trade. Now that Luol Deng is in Cleveland, Young may be the best player who will get traded by the February deadline.

Two capable big men, Pau Gasol and Omer Asik should also find themselves in a new city after the deadline. It’s widely known that the Houston Rockets want Asik out. The Lakers are also not satisfied with Pau Gasol, plus his contract is expiring this summer.

The Rockets have made some contacts with several teams around the league in regards to Asik, but their asking price is too high, as some league sources stated. One way or another, the 7-footer center out of Turkey will be moved, even if this means that the Rockets will have to lower their demands a bit to trade him away.

On the other hand, the Lakers should act quick and smart, trading Gasol away. At the age of 33, the Spaniard center still has some value, although it’s significantly dropped from a couple of years ago. There are some slim chances the Lakers try to sign him to a much lower contract this summer. Nonetheless, he is not projected to get any better as time passes. LA can certainly find a team willing to acquire him and get something in exchange, instead of risking losing him for nothing.

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