2010 NBA Draft Day Trades


Kirk Hinrich Wizards

There were ten trades made on draft day with most of the movement coming in the late first round.  ESPN does such a poor job of explaining what is going on that you might be confused as to who ended up where.  Luckily, David Kay is here to break down all the trades.

By: David Kay

Bulls Get: Cash
Wizards Get: G Kirk Hinrich, PF Kevin Seraphin (17th pick)

Why this makes sense for the Bulls:
A pure salary dump for the Bulls who by trading Hinrich and their first round pick will have enough cap space to take a run at two of the top free agents.  If this works and they end up landing LeBron and Bosh, then Chicago GM Gar Forman will look like a genius.  If they end up with Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer or even worse, this move will backfire.

Why this makes sense for the Wizards:
Ummm… I mean they were drafting Wall, still have Arenas and Foye so why not kill a good chunk of your cap space by acquiring another point guard?  And for what?  To land Kevin Seraphin?  Ladies and gentlemen, the Washington Wizards…

Winner: Bulls

Hornets Get: PF Craig Brackins (21st pick), SF Quincy Pondexter (26th pick)
Thunder Get: C Cole Aldrich (11th pick), SG Morris Peterson

Why this makes sense for the Hornets:

New Orleans saves more than $6.6 million by dumping Mo Pete’s salary which is the main reason they would pull the trigger.  They drop down to land two first rounders and add some needed depth to their frontcourt and ultimately, a younger, cheaper replacement for Peterson.

Why this makes sense for the Thunder:

OKC needed to add a defensive-minded big man and Cole Aldrich fits that bill.  He can come in and contribute right away without being asked to do anything out of his comfort zone.  OKC also had three first rounders entering the draft so it makes sense to package two to move up and get a guy who can be a factor right away.  Taking Mo Pete’s salary limits what the Thunder can do in free agency and gives them five shooting guards but was worth taking on to get Aldrich in their opinion.

Winner: Push

David Kahn Timberwolves

Blazers Get: SF Luke Babbitt (16th pick), F Ryan Gomes
Timberwolves Get: SF Martell Webster

Why this makes sense for the Blazers:
Webster has been an enigma of sorts and will easily be replaced in production by Gomes alone.  Getting a deadly shooter like Babbitt in addition to Gomes, that is just abusing a clueless David Kahn.  It’s almost not even fair.

Why this makes sense for the Timberwolves:

Because last year, David Kahn was the point guard guy and this year he wanted to be the small forward guy?  He took a small forward in Wesley Johnson at 4 then traded two small forwards for Martell Webster, another small forward.  Then Kahn drafted another small forward with the 30th pick.  Yet he completely ignores the need for an athletic big man.  Webster is a guy who has yet to pan out in the NBA and doesn’t seem to be turning the corner.  So I am not sure why Minnesota would trade two role players for one.

Winner: Push

Lazar Hayward NBA Draft

Wizards Get: PF Trevor Booker (23rd pick), C Hamady Ndiaye (56th pick)
Timberwolves Get: SF Lazar Hayward (30th pick), F Nemanja Bjelica (35th pick)

Why this makes sense for the Wizards:

Booker was considered by most a second round prospect so why the Wizards would be so eager to trade up to 23 to get him stumps me.  Ndiaye is a shot blocker who could stick on the Washington roster for that reason alone.

Why this makes sense for the Timberwolves:
They obviously weren’t enamored with anyone at 30 and still felt they could get a player they wanted in Hayward at 30.  Bjelica probably wouldn’t have been on the board with their first pick of the second round at 45 so GM David Kahn acquired an earlier pick to grab a player who they will stash overseas for a couple years.

Winner: Push

Check out the rest of the draft day trades with complete analysis.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    For me, and the situation I was in, this was kind of a shittatstic draft. The only thing that happened at all was the Hinrich deal, and the Bulls brass said nothing at all, and cant say anything about it.

    No one from any of my college teams got drafted, so after Evan Turner wnet #2 and the first 5 was over I got really bored. so did many of my media cohorts. we spent most of the second round looking at the Sun Times’ Elliot Harris’ facebook photo album because every picture he takes he’s standing next to a slutty cheerleader, victoria’s secret model or playboy playmate. it was more fun when you have him next to you explaining who everyone is

  2. paulmbanks says

    It was even worse because espn had 1. that HORRIBLE jazzy soundtrack to the broadcast 2. you have to endure stu scott 3. i hate that stupid movie commercial they kept replaying “tom cruise is at his jerry maguire best” what retarded movie critic said that? and how is that a complement. that movie was a very mediocre thinky disguised chick flick.

    but through it all, merry christmas dave. i’m glad you enjoyed this evening cuz it was kinda dull for me…even though a bad nba draft night beats a good night on most other nights.

    free steak, seeing my nba/bulls media buddies again, and getting an exclusive with kendall gill, an illini and nba baller i looked up to as a kid was very exciting. and fun

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