NBA and NBAPA Extremely Arcane about Collective Bargaining Talks Today



Worried about the very real possibility of a NBA season lockout in 2011?

Me too.

Well, thank God we have this broad, banal, blah and boring blanket statement from the league and the players association today. It tells us absolutely nothing about the collective bargaining talks that occurred today:

“Today the NBPA and the NBA held another bargaining meeting that was both cordial and constructive.  We all agreed to continue the dialogue, and during the three-hour meeting, a number of issues were identified that will be addressed in smaller groups leading up to the next bargaining meeting.”

Well, there you go- I’m sure you feel fine now and you’re not worried at all. Because that corporatized collection of approximately 50 PR spun words let us know that…..well, whom am I kidding? We learned nothing.


  1. You may be wondering wtf?? with that pic. but 1.) it’s not the most exciting topic, although it’s a very very important one. and the statement is pretty uninteresting, so i needed to dress up the post w something.

    2. the blue and orange on their outfits match well with the site colors/layout

    3. i never get tired of looking at the backside of that blonde

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