Tips for Buying NBA Tickets


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You’d think that buying tickets to your favourite NBA game would be easy, right?  Not always.  Sometimes, it can seem like every game in town is always sold out.  The popularity of tickets depends on who your team is playing, whether it’s the beginning of the season or clinch time, and even how well the team has been playing lately.

 It’s much easier to get Lakers tickets during a season when they are below .500, for example, than when they are making a push for the playoffs.  Similarly, when the Red Sox and the Yankees play, those tickets are hot commodities.

So, how do you go about getting those tickets in your hot little hands?  Of course, you could always buy them directly from the stadium.  You’ll have to stalk the schedule and find a game that suits your schedule, and then call the box office the day the tickets go on sale.  You’ll be able to choose your seats and you’ll pay face value for the tickets.  The downside is because certain games will be very popular, you may have to buy your seats several months out from the game.  

What’s the problem with that, you ask? Well, picture this scenario:  What if you didn’t buy a ticket for your favourite NBA team at the beginning of the season, but at the halfway point they are making an amazing climb to the top.  Wht then?  You may be out of luck for getting your hands on tickets.  Or maybe not.  

If you use a ticket broker website, you’ll be able to potentially score tickets to those mid-season games without the huge markup.  These sites are legal and you will be buying tickets from other ticket holders, not from a ticket agent. That means you could save money on processing fees (although you’ll likely still have to pay for shipping).  

You can also buy your NBA tickets through an online auction site such as eBay, but this comes with a few warnings.  It’s virtually impossible to tell who exactly is selling the tickets. Are they are reliable source?  Of course, not everyone who sells tickets on an auction site will have malicious intent.  One of the best things you can do is to read the feedback left by other buyers.  If there is a slew of negative comments, steer clear.  If, however, the seller gets lots of positive comments about great seats, quick shipping, etc. you can be reasonably sure that you are getting your NBA tickets from a reliable source.

Never miss an NBA game again!  Be sure you secure those tickets so you can get in on the action right there in the heart of it all.


  1. My husband would love the opportunity to buy mid-season tickets without a huge markup. We’ve been talking about attending an NBA game for the past few weeks, but we haven’t been able to find tickets. I’ll have to start searching for tickets that we could buy, maybe I could even surprise my husband with tickets.

  2. Calling the ticket booth on the day the tickets go on sale sounds stressful to me. My family loves sports and it would be fun for us to go see a lot of games together this summer and fall. So, I hope there are a lot easier ways to get tickets.

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