Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks Have True NBA Title Bonafides


After a disappointing end to last season, the Milwaukee Bucks have now redeemed themselves by reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. Defeating the incredibly strong Brooklyn Nets will surely give them the confidence required to now go all the way.

At the heart of their run has been the colossal presence of Giannis Antetokounmpo, but this time the rest of his team truly rallied around him, enabling them to overcome the Nets. There was plenty of criticism laid on the Greek Freak last season, as it was suggested he could not lead the Bucks to victory when it mattered most.

As we wait for Game 1 of the ECF to begin, Giannis’ stature and leadership will be there for all to see. After the Nets took a 3-2 lead, it looked like we were going to see a repeat of last year. Even with James Harden not fully fit, we assumed that Kevin Durant and co. would advance to the next round. What happened next was truly remarkable.

With 70 points from Game 6 and 7, Giannis drove the Bucks forward and it will likely be some time until we truly understand just how significant this victory was. This is quite possibly the best chance Milwaukee has had to win the NBA title in several decades.

The primary reason for this is that teams such as the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers will inevitably come back stronger. As for Milwaukee, they match up well with every other team remaining in the playoffs. The Bucks can defend very well and their consistent ability to score makes them a balanced squad.


And from the West, whether it is the Phoenix Suns or the Los Angeles Clippers, the Bucks will be confident after having toppled the Nets. So the stage is set for the two-time MVP to stake his claim to the trophy. If Giannis can lead the Bucks to glory, there won’t be any talk of his contract or free agency.

What we might see is a dominant presence bulldozing others on his way to winning the ultimate prize. Given how the playoffs have gone so far, every team needs to Fear The Deer.

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