If the Cubs win the World Series, you could win a DeLorean


chicago cubs convention delorean


Do you want a DeLorean, gull wing doors and all, to cruise around in this year? All it takes is a Chicago Cubs World Series win. So yes, it’s asking quite a lot. The DeLorean was the automobile of choice/time machine driven Christopher Lloyd (as Dr. Emmett Brown) and Michael J. Fox (as Marty McFly) in the Back to the Future film trilogy.

We’re only two months and change into 2015, but already we’ve had a years worth of Back to the Future references and Cubs BTTF prophecy jokes. The DeLorean itself has gone a bit overlooked.

Here’s how you can win one.

 The Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois (it’s by suburban Crystal Lake, but further north) will give away a 1981 DeLorean, flux capacitor and all, if the Cubbies get it done, ABC reported. The classic car, with a value of $85,000, came to the Volo from a collector who reproduced many of the films props.

Beginning March 21, fans can enter the raffle by visiting the museum and entering their wrist band number online. Or you can mail in a self-addressed envelope and the museum will send you a registration number in the mail.


So “Go Cubs GO” and that DeLorean could be yours.

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