What Is The History Of Field Hockey & Ice Hockey & Using Gloves?



The main goal of both the game of field hockey and ice hockey is to shoot a physical object into their adversary’s net. The objective of the game of field hockey and ice hockey may be the same but there is a huge difference in how each game is played. The physical conditions of each game are different as well as the object used, number of players, the net, and the total time each game is played. A similarity is that both games require players to wear gloves, that can be purchased at https://www.total-hockey.com/collections/hockey-gloves

History Of Field Hockey

According to the London Field Hockey Association, field hockey is a game with over 4,000 years old origins from Egypt. There can be found drawings depicting the game on the walls of ancient tombs in the Nile Valley. It is believed that the Greeks, Romans, and Aztecs played a game that was very similar to modern-day hockey. It was once again revived by the British in the 19th century. 

In 1895, the British Army conducted the first international competition of field hockey in one of their colonies. This was the same year that the International Rules Board was founded for the game. In 1908 field hockey was established to join the Olympic Games in London. At this time, there were only three teams: Scotland, Ireland, and England, and field hockey was played outdoors in a field or stadium. 


History Of Ice Hockey

Field hockey predates ice hockey which evolved from other stick and ball games. There are similarities between ice hockey and the games of field hockey, lacrosse, and polo. Ice hockey joined the Summer Olympics of 1920 held in Antwerp, Belgium. Research shows us that games similar to hockey were played in the province of Nova Scotia in Canada by the Micmac Indians in the early 1800s. 

The game was quite similar to the Irish game of hurling which uses a wooden square block in place of a ball. This game spread out over Canada and was promoted by the British Army and the Irish and Scottish immigrants in Canada. Students from McGill University formed teams and held the first indoor ice hockey game in 1875 at the Montreal Victoria Skating Rink. The game was condoned because it developed a reputation for violence as reported by The Daily British Whig of Kingston, Ontario at that time.

Why Should Field Hockey & Ice Hockey Players Wear Gloves?

“Shins and heads were battered, benches smashed and the lady spectators fled in confusion,” according to The Daily British Whig when reporting about the first official ice hockey event which took place in Canada. These events caused the formation of the McGill University Hockey Club in 1877 that limited the number of players on one side. They also organized the official rules for the game and the need for protective equipment. Gloves were one of the first requirements for ice hockey players. 

Gloves are not a mandatory requirement for field hockey players because the game is played by over 70 nations taking part in the Olympics. Some players might be concerned that the gloves slow down their movement instead of helping their team win. The use of gloves depends completely on the inclination of each player on the field. Field hockey is not as close contact and violent in comparison to ice hockey.

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