Betway named an official online sports betting partner of NHL in U.S.


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Americans are anxiously waiting for the moment when online sports betting will once again be legal nationwide. In anticipation of that glorious moment, online bookmakers are applying for licenses that will grant them access to the local market. Betway is a leading bookmaker with an impeccable track record on the international stage. When you make a bid to become the Official Sports Betting Partner of the NHL, the National Hockey League was happy to accept.

NHL Signs Multi-year partnership with Betway

Hockey fans can now place their bets on their favorite teams with one of the most respectable gambling brands in the world. The partnership between the National Hockey League and Betway came just in time to celebrate the beginning of the playoffs. Tampa Bay Lightning won the trophy in 2021 and American hockey fans had the chance to bet on their success at this bookmaker. The latter enjoyed extensive coverage and became even better known among the local public.

Betway benefited greatly from its signage placements for all the games played in the Stanley Cup. The partnership will continue well beyond the tournament and important milestones are expected to be set next season. The positive image that the brand enjoys internationally will reverberate in the American market and help it consolidate its position. For hockey fans, they are currently the number one choice when betting on outright winners, individual matches and live.

The NHL is not only an exciting betting league for American punters, but also international gamblers. There are more bets placed on this tournament than any other ice hockey league in the world. Betway provides a secure environment for anyone to bet on NHL matches at competitive odds. In the upcoming months players will bet on NHL Winter Classic, NHL Stadium Series and NHL All-Star Weekend. The bookie has an exceptional in-play betting offer for punters seeking the thrills of live gambling.

An aggressive growth strategy in the US

Online sports betting is on the path to being regulated in the US” according to this website, therefore the race is on for international bookmakers. Every month a new state announces its intention of passing new gambling bills, allowing local players to bet on sports. With the NHL being one of the most popular among Americans, Betway has scored some important points in its growth strategy. Speaking of which, this program will work both ways, as it will help the National Hockey League engage better with its fan base.

The bookmaker is licensed in many countries and has the legal rights to operate on US soil. This is an invaluable quality, in a market where many punters are still struggling to find legitimate partners. The fact that they will see the Betway logo on the NHL ice will make the bookie more visible and give it a dominant position when sports betting will be legalized in more states.


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