What Supplements Should an Athlete Take


In today’s digital age, there are literally thousands of different exercise plans, diet plans, and supplements that are promoted by professional athletes. Since everybody is different, there is no universal formula that will determine which types of vitamins or supplements a given athlete will need to take.

However, knowing the types of high intensity activities that professional athletes regularly do, it is possible to make some broad recommendations to the types of supplements that will help your body recover quickly and efficiently after an intense workout session. 

This article will seek to outline some of these supplements, while also describing how each supplement should be used in conjunction with your exercise routine. The hope is that after reading, you will have some new thoughts about how supplements may be able to improve your overall fitness levels while complimenting the training routine of a high performance athlete. 

Whey supplements

If you are looking to build muscle mass or just have a faster recovery time after intense workout sessions, then a whey protein supplement can be extremely beneficial. These supplements offer large quantities of protein, which is easily digestible by the body, allowing for faster absorption rates. Whey protein supplements are used by many different types of athletes, not just ones looking to get big. Whey can be taken at any time before, during, or after a workout and still have positive and noticeable effects. You will notice that you do not feel as stiff the day after and that your body is getting stronger. 

Vitamin C

In order to be a healthy person, everyone needs to get enough vitamin C every day. Vitamin C is great for a mood booster, keeping energy levels high, and vital to proper development. This vitamin can be found in many fruits and vegetables, but some athletes still like to include it in their supplement regime.

Amino Acids

If you are a high level athlete or would like to have the performance level of one, then it is incredibly important to ensure that you are getting enough amino acids every day both before and after your training sessions. This vital compound helps our body to break down food and also produce proteins, which the body then uses to help rebuild new muscle after a workout. 

Amino acids are contained in many foods but could also be a type of nutrient which you could take in a pill or supplement form. Many great amino acid supplements that experts at integrative therapeutics nutritional supplements recommend can help fulfill this need. If you want to be a high performance level athlete, then making sure you get your daily allotment of amino acids is a great way to make sure that your body is ready to perform at a high level. 

Fish oil and Omega-3 Acids

In order to help speed up recovery times and increase the efficacy of your protein supplements, it is highly recommended that you include fish oil or salmon oil supplement in your workout cocktail. This supplement is great at providing your body with its required daily intake of omega 3 fatty acids. These vitamins are needed to promote healthy muscle growth and also aid in the rebuilding of muscles. 

Creatine for muscle building

If you need to put on weight or gain strength quickly, then creatine is an excellent example of a way to do that with a supplement. Creatine uses your body’s natural water to help build up muscles faster than they normally would. For this reason, it is always incredibly important to stay super hydrated while taking creatine supplements. 

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different ways in which you can supplement your diet as an athlete. Everyone is different, and everybody uses their body in a unique way. For this reason, we recommend talking to your doctor about any non-prescribed supplements before taking them to ensure that there will be no adverse health effects. And, always inform your health care provider about any supplements you are taking.

If you experiment with different combinations and quantities of your supplements, then you will be able to find what works just right for your body and the daily requirements that you put on it. If you want your body to perform at the level of a high performance athlete, then you need to make sure that it is getting the fuel which a high performance athlete’s body requires. There is no other way. Carefully work each of the aforementioned supplements into your diet so that you can see and feel the results for yourself.

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