Efficient Ways to Lose Your Weight


It has been a common dilemma of the 20th century. How to lose some of your excess pounds? Whether it’s because you want to be more confident or that the unnecessary weight is becoming a health risk, there are certainly effective ways on how to get rid of those unwanted curves.

Josh Schlottman, the personal nutrition training coach that founded Trainer Josh formulated ways on how to get rid of that stubborn fat you wanted so badly to be out of your system. He surmised that by a guided dietary solution, you can easily lose 30 pounds of your unwanted weight in 2 weeks.

Regular Exercise

This is, of course, the best way to shed your stored fats. Getting all the parts of your body working will force you to use up all that energy and fats stored inside. Starting with a 5min jump rope cardio and progressing it to 30min after every satisfying session would not only allow you to lose the carbs but would also give you a chance for a holistic makeover of your health. Pumping your heart to its fullest isn’t just the aftermath of any cardio workout but the main positive effects of giving all your body parts the sufficient oxygen, nutrients, and energy to get your daily activities done. It could bolster your mind and outlook as well.

Regulating Your Diet

Regulating does not mean cutting back on eating. It only means that you have to watch out what you put into your mouth. Having a balanced diet with just the minimum carbs, fibre-rich diet, and protein-filled food would greatly support your regular exercise and undoubtedly help you to lose weight. Also, supplement your diet with vitamin-rich powders and tablets, and you are all set in achieving that muscle filled body.

Reduce Your Stress Level

If you are not aware of it, stress can also be one reason why even after all the stops in the carbs and the thrice a week gym sessions, you can’t seem to lessen your weight. Find some time in your day, even just a 30min break, where you release all that stress. Chat with a friend, have some fun with your colleagues after work, or even just read one or two chapters of your favorite book would help ease the tensions of the day. And the most ignored of all, give yourself enough time to sleep. Sleep is the mother of all stress-relieving activities, and you’ll be sure to get a stress free one when you allow yourself to peacefully lie down on the bed.

There are still many ways where you could effectively lose weight. If you have not noticed, the methods listed above are the simplest ways on how to break that habit of gaining too much weight. Simple things are always the best and most effective in reaching that goal you so wanted to achieve. So stay active, eat wisely, and live peacefully. There’s nothing better than those three on losing your unwanted mass.

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