How to Practice Golf at Home


In a perfect world, you would be able to go golfing as much as you wanted to. Yet, things arise that keep us home, limiting our ability to get out on the green. Regardless of what might limit your ability to get out and play golf, there are some options to practice golf, even when you are stuck at home.  


One of the easiest things that you can practice when you are at home is putting. Since putting does not require a lot of room or heavy swinging, it is easier to accommodate at home. While you might not be able to work on all of your putting skills from home, you can still work on some of them. 

The three most important skills in putting are speed control, reading the green, and stroke quality. Naturally, you cannot read the green at home, but you will be able to work on stroke quality and even speed control. If you have a yard, it might not be good to practice in, unless the grass has been recently trimmed, because the ball will just get stuck in the grass and not help with your skills. Home carpeting is fine to work with, but there are also products that will make it easier to do. 

Golf Simulators 

Golf simulators are an excellent way to get golf practice in when you are stuck at home. The team at Golf Simulator Buddy has a wide array of suggestions for types of simulators or launch monitors. Really, there is such a wide array of options as far as simulators go that there should be a price point out there for just about anyone. You can go with something that is simple and more basic or you can get something more involved and the choice is up to you.  

Golf simulators do their best to give you a more realistic type of gameplay and will give you specific instructions to on the skills that you need to develop the most. A lot of them come with software that will give you some of the best courses in the world to practice with as well. 

Golf Nets 

If you are hoping for something a little more than putting, but a little less than a simulator, you might just want to get a practice net. A net will catch the ball for you and bounce it back, allowing you to work more on your stroke. 

There is a wide variety of nets to choose from, depending on whether you are practicing inside or outside. Regardless, a net will keep your ball from going astray. Some of them will also indicate where you are hitting on your club to help you understand where you need to make some improvements. 


Wedge Play 

Wedge play can also be practiced at home, but you should be warned that if you do it in your lawn, there is a good chance that you are going to wreck it. If you don’t have a manicured lawn and don’t mind tearing it up, then you can work on your wedge play. 

When it comes to wedge skills, you should be working on distance control, trajectory, and turf interaction. At home, you might not be able to work as well with turf interaction, especially since it will not be like falling into a sandpit. But, you still can work on trajectory, as long as your lawn is large enough. 

There are many different things that you can try in order to play golf when you are at home. Whether stranded at home due to weather or other causes, you still can keep your skills fresh so that when you actually can get back on the green, you will be competitive and not feel quite so rusty as you might have been had you not been practicing at home. 



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