Four Great Gifts for Any Golfer


If you have a person in your life — whether it is a friend, family member, or a partner — that can’t go without hitting the golf course at least once a week, you are almost halfway done when it comes to getting them a present for their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.

There are hundreds of different golf-related products and all it takes is to find the one that suits them the best. But it is not that easy as many advertised products either lack quality or seem to be outdated according to the latest golf trends. Bearing this in mind, you need to do some proper research and consider a few points including what is the product for and do they really need it.

While golf equipment can get quite expensive you can find great stuff on the various online markets that usually offer discounts or premium codes if you are a frequent buyer or a part of their buyer’s club. If you want to know more, you can see the list of golf stores online and get stocked up on the best gear on offer.

We prepared 4 great gifts for any golfer, in case you are lacking ideas and that big celebratory day is closing in. So you best get cracking!


Holderness and Bourne Byers Duffel Bag

If they are crazy about golf and they are always traveling or taking those weekend trips, a good duffel bag will go a long way to keeping their gear neat, tidy, and organized in one place. The Holderness and Bourne Byers brand that stands behind this bag is well known for their high-quality golf equipment and, to be honest, they have really hit the nail on the head with this one.

It is elegant and spacious, and will act as the perfect twist on a traditional athletic bag. While you shouldn’t expect it to fit premium golf clubs in it too, you can fit a few clothing items and there is a separate shoe compartment making it the perfect gift for those who are always on the course.

Across Cadie Smart Sensors

If we were to talk about the best golf gifts, we would have to include some high-tech gadgets like a grip or sensor. Thus, the Across Cadie Smart Sensors is an excellent choice no matter if you are gifting it to an experienced golfer or someone who is just starting off.

All golf enthusiasts will enjoy the fact that now they will be able to keep track of each and every shot, and thus improve their stats over the course of time. While not as seamless as a golf grip, it is still handy and easy to use, adequate for both recreational and tour players.

Bushnell Pro X2

If the person you are buying the gift for is really enthusiastic about their golf game and they even think about becoming a pro, there is one essential item that they will get great use out of. Yes, we are talking about a rangefinder. Now, it is a fact that this product is pricier than your average golf polo shirt or a duffle bag, but it offers great features and allows the golfer to track their movements and always know how far they are from the specific pin they are playing to. With a compact design and a jolt feature that vibrates as soon as it sets the right distance, they will have a great advantage over their competitors.

The Golf Club 2019

Last but not least is a video game that anyone can enjoy. Playing golf depends on weather conditions and once the rain starts to pour, the golf enthusiasts move into the comfort of their homes to pick up their favorite console. Golf Club 2019 is compatible with PS4 and Xbox One and is one of the best golf simulation games out there. Unless they really hate hitting with a virtual club, this is a great gift and something that can cheer up a true golf fan in the times of winter and rough weather.


And there we have it —4 great gifts for any golfer in order to give you an idea of what to give your partner or family member, and pay respect to the special occasion you two are celebrating. Still, there are many other golf products that you can gift to them including clubs, polo shirts, and shoes — frankly, the fact that you are getting them something related to their favorite sport will be good enough proof on how much they mean to you.

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