Explain the easiest way to play Golf betting at 188BET


Golf is a sports game from a long time ago and originated from Europe. With the development of online sports betting, Golf is now also included in the translation of top reputable bookmakers like 188BET. Join us to learn more about betting tips and golf tips in the article below. 

  1. Golf betting overview:

Golf betting is a form of betting at bookies that is similar to a football handicap. Accordingly, the way to play and the method of calculating golf betting points is relatively complicated and has many contents. Most players will win if they complete 18 holes and use fewer strokes. Golf betting at 188BET also based on the match result to match bets on which member can guess correctly.

Golf betting is an outstanding form of play at reputable bookies, similar to football. The player will proceed to place bets based on the odds provided by the dealer. There will be many different types of betting from big and small golf tournaments around the world.

2. The most accurate way to bet Golf:

Players will learn about the odds, information related to the two teams to know how to play betting and guess the most accurate choice. To place a bet, you just need to click on the bet boxes and enter your preferred bet amount. Then, check again one turn then place your bet to complete the transaction.

After completing the betting steps, you just need to wait for the result of the match. If your bet matches the match result then you will receive a bonus corresponding to the odds. If you lose, your original bet will be forfeited.

Note: The payout odds in these golf betting will depend on the match so there is no specific payout. Players need to watch closely to avoid affecting the capital as well as making wrong decisions.

(*) A few notes when betting on Golf:

There are a few things players should keep in mind to make golf betting easy to win:

  • Performance style: Not only football, golf betting must also consider and consider the performance of golfers. Knowing the style of play also helps players make more informed decisions when choosing which bet types to join.
  • Past achievements: Past performance is also one of the decisive factors to the Golfer’s ability to win. Therefore, players should not ignore these factors.
  • Weather: The weather also affects golf betting more or less; therefore players need to consider this matter before making a betting decision.

3. Golf betting rules and type of bets

To take part in betting in this game, players need to learn about the rules of betting and how to play effectively. In fact, each house will have its own set of odds. Players can choose from a variety of types of bets such as: match bet, win bet, handicap, over / under bet.

With the simple rules of betting, players can place bets on the bets on the table with Golf with a high chance of winning. With the results returned as follows:

  • The winner of the first round. This is also the player with the highest position in the first half.
  • Outright result: All doors are counted in the final round, with golfers winning first place.
  • Money Line: If players finish with an odd tie then this bet type is considered void.
  • Match – Set of 18 holes: This bet will be graded during the go batting round. If the betting round will be missed, the bet will not be considered valid. Participants will win if the player with the lowest score on the course is 18 holes. In the event of an odd round ending in a tie, bets will not be counted.
  • Match – ups 72 holes: This is a betting that is counted when golfers kick off. The golfer who completes the most holes wins. If both sides have finished with the number of holes, the person with the least number of strokes is checked. If the golfer ends a tie, then the player’s bet will be void.


The information given helps players learn how to play Golf betting accurately at the house. Hopefully the bettors can quickly grasp how to bet and choose the quality and easy to win at the 188BET bookmaker from Cachchoi.net share link to 188BET. Wish success and victory.

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