A Complete Equipment Guide For Golfers


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One thing golf is famous for is the sheer number of accessories involved in it. For a beginner, the choices can be a bit overwhelming, but to those who love the sport, it’s just par for the course, as one might say. 

Many advanced and intermediate players might be equipped with GPS devices, adjustable drivers, and fitted clubs, but remember that for someone who’s just taken up the game, you might want to hold off on purchasing such accessories. You don’t have to spend a lot of time researching those pieces of equipment, nor should you spend a lot of money on them. 

All those would come later when golf has a much stronger hold on you. As a beginner, the important thing is to get the essential equipment you have to use out in the links to learn how to hit that small, white ball. Maybe later, when you’ve developed a feel for how you want to play the game, you can get pieces of golf equipment that you think suit your style. 

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Essential Golf Equipment

Carts, hats, towels, and golf cleats are optional and you don’t need them to play, but some pieces of equipment are essential. Golfing equipment need not be expensive, though; you can buy used equipment for less than a hundred dollars. Brand-new, they can set you back thousands of dollars. Here’s a list of essential golfing equipment you should look into:


When a golf ball is already near the target hole, golfers use a putter, which is the one golf club they’re particular about. Putting demands a high degree of accuracy, so the club used should be up to standard. Putter designs can vary, but each of them serves to make the shot smoother and more accurate. For example, check this putter out from Reviewster.com.

Driver And Woods

These are golf clubs that golfers use to hit the ball for it to go far. A driver’s head used to be made from wood, but now it’s made from titanium. A driver is also called a 1-wood. Golfers often carry 3-woods and 5-woods as well. Remember: the lower the number for the driver, the longer the distance the ball can travel. When teeing, a golfer uses a driver.

If a golfer’s ball is still a long way off on the fairway, the player would still have to use a wood.


Irons are clubs used by golfers for shorter shots. They’re called irons because they were traditionally made from iron, but today, steel is also used to manufacture them. Irons aren’t designed for long-distance hits—they’re more for accuracy. These clubs range from 1-iron to 9-iron.

Golfers also carry a variety of wedges, such as sand or pitching wedges. As with drivers, lower number irons are used if you need the ball to go farther. They either have a more vertical club face angle or a closed club face.  

Wedges and irons with higher numbers have club faces that are more open. This design allows the golfer to hit the ball at an angle, causing it to be lofted at a greater height. If a golfer encounters hazards, irons are also used to escape and get past them.

Golf Balls

Golf balls have a rubber core surrounded by a plastic exterior. However, they’re designed differently for men and women. Golf balls for women are made to go farther even when hit with less force. You can get balls with different features, such as thinner exteriors to make them cover even more distance. 

But if you’re a beginner, you don’t need those expensive types of balls. Chances are, you’ll end up losing a good number of them. Get affordable and playable balls that are right for your needs. You can get high-end golf balls later when you’ve gained more experience as a player. 

Golf Bag

Of course, with all those pieces of equipment—golf clubs, golf balls, and others—you’re going to need a bag. There are several types of bags for you to choose from. There’s the bag designed to sit on a golf cart, and then there’s the golf staff bag, which is comfortable for caddies to lug around and is the one preferred by professionals.

If there’s no caddy around to hold your clubs for you, use a golf stand bag. It has two stands that open, enabling the bag to be set on the ground. This is preferred by players who prefer to carry their own clubs and other equipment. It can weigh anywhere from three to seven pounds.

If you’re taking your equipment somewhere that would require you to hop on an airplane, you’ll need a golf travel bag. These bags are designed to cover and protect your clubs.


If you can afford it, you can get premium-quality golfing equipment from your favorite sports stores. But if you’re just starting out, it’s best to get basic equipment only. As you develop your golfing skills, you can choose the equipment that suits your playing style. There are a lot more golf accessories you’ll most likely need in the future, but while you’re still learning the game, the essential pieces of equipment mentioned above are enough to help you find your game.


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