Man United vs Real Madrid attended by Ndamukong Suh, Ziggy Ansah



Ndamukong Suh was famously quoted a few years ago:

“I’m just a different breed. I hate to say that, but it’s kind of like, no athlete in the NFL is like any other person. You can’t treat everybody the same exact way. That would be unfair, but there’s guidelines that everybody needs to follow behind, so that’s more or less the understanding that I needed to see.”

The 2010 #2 overall pick and later NFL Defensive Player of the year that season is certainly a polarizing figure. And all that hate he receives, well he’s certainly earned it. He’s made enough transgressions and errors that his dirty reputation is justifiable. But if you believe he’s misunderstood and you believe that he’s authentic in what he said there, well, maybe Ndamukong Suh is making an attempt to understand other athletes- those from across the pond.


He was on hand, along with fellow Detroit Lions DL Ziggy Ansah to take in the Manchester United versus Real Madrid game at Michigan Stadium today. He witness history as it broke a record for soccer attendance in the United States. You can see both players pictured above in the Wolverines tunnel.


Ndamukong Suh waited an hour in the tunnel to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

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  1. Black Knight says

    Then maybe Suh should be thrown out of football for a year without his money and lets see how he reacts then. If he continues his dirty play then ban him completely. His kind of professional play is not needed nor wanted.

  2. Maybe those that bruise easy need to take up golf. I agree with SUH,. I am a Husker fan. No flags in college FB. The wimps are in the NFL. Has he raised a 1/4 back over his head and slammed to the ground. Wise up wimps, the bumps and bruises are paid for.

    GO SUH!

  3. I believe football is a collision sport. Don’t these NFL players expect too get hit hard? How is Suh a dirty player? It’s not his fault he his a physical 6’4 307lb monster who comes from the hard hitting Cornhuskesr. Thanks to Tom Brady and Goodell the NFL is becoming “wussified.”

  4. I am also a Husker fan. He didn’t have issues when he played at Nebraska. I guess the refs have different ideas about play in the NFL. He wasn’t recruited to be a ballerina. He would never intentionally hurt anyone. I guess, when you are an exceptional player, you get more negative press from the refs and players. Good luck Suh We still love you in Huskerland.

  5. it is pathetic, to see officals ruin games. i mean the NFL, appoligized to the VIKINGS, for giving new orleans tha win. the flat out came back and said sorry we blew the game for you, you should have won. wtf is that. get officaiting off the field, and in the booth. for everything. watch the fine rack up who cares. play football.

  6. paulmbanks says

    agreed, football is a very violent sport. players and coaches often talk, even brag about playing “violently.” You can’t just turn that off. And you can’t punish those who excel at it.

    I think Suh is right, he’s just a different breed. a natural phenomaneon and when he hits guys it can look more effortless because of his physical gifts.

  7. paulmbanks says

    and don’t blame tom brady and the refs for what you may interpret as the “wussification” of the nfl, because they’ve altered the rules to benefit the QBs. blame the market, the audience, the league is just giving them what they want.

    passing sells, high scoring air attack offense does big ratings and the league has adjusted its product accordingly. trying to facilitate that.

    on the other end, your top line pass rushers are now more coveted and highly paid to counter that

  8. Suh is the Reggie White ,Warren Sapp of his day. If they cant block him and if he sacks a QB he is not trying to kill the guy his job is hit the guy and put him in the grass. I am sure he would be more gentle if they were not trying to escape and make a play. Jesus this is football once a play starts you do not have time to think you react. He is just very good at what he does and I think he intimidates opponents to a degree.

  9. Spanish Red says

    Are these two very strange names supposed to mean something?

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