Man United playing Hardball with Real Madrid in David de Gea negotiations


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Time for your daily David de Gea update. It’s a a never ending soap opera like Arturo Vidal was last summer. Will he stay at Manchester United, or move to Real Madrid? Nothing is official yet of course, but here’s the latest headlines on the situation.

All the news items surrounding the United #1 has pointed to him exiting out the Old Trafford Door. Well, one story, published 16 days ago gave Manchester a boost regarding the David de Gea transfer saga. That was a piece of good news.

Earlier today, we published another. However, there’s nothing really definitive either ways in today’s developments:

-(Daily Express) Manchester United demand Real Madrid pay a £35 million record fee for David de Gea.

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Here’s what the Daily Mail is saying about the current situation (excerpts from an article that went up a couple hours ago):

  • Real Madrid are refusing to meet Manchester United’s £20million asking price for David de Gea
  • Real will not give United more than £13million given that they can get him for nothing in a year’s time
  • The move was considered a done deal a few weeks ago

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Here’s the latest from The Telegraph; which was just published a few hours ago. 

Manchester United’s pursuit of Sergio Ramos is not only genuine but is designed to ramp up the price the club wants to exact from Real Madrid for David De Gea.

 It is also a clear sign of United playing hard-ball in the transfer market with the club unconcerned as to whether Ramos is attempting to use them to secure an improved new contract at Real.

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  1. Look – let’s not be niave about this – apart from one or two reports every publication and website, including yours is talking about Degea in isolation or Ramos in isolation??? The two are clearly linked. Real Madrid came along in their usual bolshy and superior than thou manner and said wer want De Gea and just expected it to happen purely because they are RM and everybody wants to play for RM!! Man Utd and fair ply to them said – ok you want De Gea; we want Ramos – superb – stuff it up RM. Now the whole point is NOT how much De Gea is or how much they want for Ramos (which is clearly ridiculous) but who should give who how much cash in addition to the other player in any swap deal – it’s obvious for pete’s sake. And RM can say what they want but, at the end of the day, it absolutely must be Ramos plus cashfrom RM for De Gea from Utd. De Gea is 21 and one of the top 3 goalies in the world, so RM would get 19 years out of hime. Ramos on the other hand is 29 and probably only in the top dozen defenders in the world and Utd would get maybe 5 yaesr from him, so its clear – Ramos plus cash for De Gea, definitely NOT the other way round. So it should be pay up RM or poke off with United going for Otamendi instead – he’s a better defender anyway, so can everyone plese stop reporting rubbish

  2. To me I don’t even want van gaal to make thesame mistakes sir alex did when he was in charged by allowing ronaldo moving to madrid nd if madrid need de gea the should break the record of the highest buying of keeper clause or exchange ramos with united because we are not builders then they will come nd buy because we still need what they are fighting for but to me van gaal should keep de gea because he was our hope last season.

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