How are the Title Chances for African teams at the 2022 World Cup?


Slowly but surely, the participating national teams have been decided. Especially the African teams have all their qualifying matches behind them. Now Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Morocco and Tunisia have qualified for the World Cup. Especially the last match in the play-offs between Egypt and Senegal was overshadowed by unpleasant events.

The goalkeeper of Egypt was blinded by laser pointers during the penalty shootout and the Egyptian tour bus was also damaged. Although FIFA announces serious consequences, the five African participants are fixed. At Betting Tips Africa, by the way, interested people can find interesting sports bets on this event.

Senegal is not to be underestimated and is likely to cause surprises at the World Cup

Of course, Senegal is not necessarily rated as the favorite for the 2022 World Cup of football. But the team around Liverpool star Sadio Mané is currently having “a good run”. In February of this year, the Senegalese national team swept the top dogs and record champions off their feet in the Africa Cup (Egypt). Although also only by penalty shootout, similar to the World Cup play-offs, but victorious. This was the first time that Senegal had ever won the Africa Cup. Unfortunately, the competition was overshadowed this year. Several fans died in a mass panic during the quarter-final in Cameroon. Currently, it is always quite hot at the games of African teams. Surprises are to be expected in any case. A few bets on the African national teams could be worthwhile. Here, the bookmakers promise very high odds.

Already under contract with Liverpool since 2016, the Senegalese striker Sadio Mané is also in the national team of Senegal. At the age of 30, the multi-talented attacker is still capable of scoring a number of goals. Even in the robust English Premier League. Here, his statistics are consistently positive. In 260 Premier League games, the striker (used more in attacking midfield at Liverpool) scored a whopping 109 goals. The player is also very experienced in the Champions League and has 53 games and 23 goals to his name. So to speak, a real asset for Liverpool FC and new contract negotiations are already underway.

Basically, a lot of Senegal revolves around the team’s real superstar: Sadio Mané. However, as the Africa Cup impressively demonstrated, the entire team is a solid unit and acts as one from victory to victory. In any case, it will be particularly exciting this time around for the African teams during the 2022 World Cup. The past has shown that anything is possible in the sport of soccer, and fans of all nations are looking forward to a great and exciting 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

 These are the odds for African national teams to win the title

If you believe the odds of the bookmakers, the five qualified teams have rather a very small chance to win the title. It certainly does not fail because of the motivation and the fans. However, the quality of play can hardly be compared with that of European teams. This is certainly also due to the lack of experience. Only a few players have made the leap to clubs to play in the Champions League, for example. But times are changing. Slowly but steadily. Although there is still a big gap between African teams and TOP clubs around the world, more and more young talents are making the step into TOP teams from around the world.

Depending on the draw of the group matches, however, there are realistic chances to at least make it to the round of 16. Cameroon even made it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in 1990. So you can always count on the African teams. Soccer always remains exciting and even supposed favorites, like Italy, did not even make it past the qualifying stage. Bookmakers tend to bet on Spain, Germany, England or Brazil as contenders for the title. But in recent years, all national teams have not necessarily covered themselves with glory. Where the Africans have a clear advantage is as underdogs. No one seriously expects Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia or Morocco to win the World Cup. So the pressure is off and the players will show what they can do without a care in the world.

These are the upcoming games for the African national teams

Senegal plays at home against the Netherlands. An exciting match with an open outcome. The Dutch are not as present as they were 20 years ago. Tunisia plays against Denmark. Not a bad opponent, and there’s not really a clear favorite here either. Morocco then plays Croatia. Another match in which there is no clear outsider or favorite. Furthermore, Cameroon plays against the Swiss national team. Here, the bookmakers even tend slightly for a victory for Cameroon! Ghana has to play against Portugal. Here, the African team has probably caught the most difficult game right at the beginning. The favorite here is clearly Portugal.

With the goal of reaching the round of 16, these games of the Africans take place on the second matchday of the group stage:

  • Qatar-Senegal
  • Tunisia-? (play-off phase not yet completed)
  • Belgium-Morocco
  • Cameroon-Serbia
  • South Korea-Ghana

The African teams will face these opponents in the third match of the group stage:

  • Ecuador-Senegal
  • Tunisia-France
  • Canada-Morocco
  • Ghana-Uruguay
  • Cameroon-Brazil

In principle, there is a realistic possibility that at least one or two African teams could actually make it to the round of 16. The quarterfinals, perhaps, with a lot of luck, but after that, at the latest, there is certainly an end to ambitions for the World Cup. Nevertheless, some very interesting encounters of the African national teams will take place, where certainly one or the other victory will come out.

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