Nevada has Sold Just 10 of Their Hawaii Bowl Tickets



Who wouldn’t want to go Hawaii for their college football bowl game? To spend the holidays in paradise? Well, the Hawaii Bowl is on Christmas Eve, and it is one of the lower tier bowl games, so I can see why some would be turned off.

And airfare from the mainland to the 50th state for the holidays runs about  $1,500—$2000 person. Ok, that’s pretty steep! But the University of Nevada has sold a whopping ten tickets? TEN?!

From Gannett owned

As of Thursday afternoon, Nevada had sold just 10 tickets through phone sales, but had distributed about 600 because pass-list tickets count in tickets distributed. The Hawaii Bowl, mostly because of its annual Christmas Eve date, has historically not been a well-attended game by fans of mainland teams. In 2009, there were about 150-200 Wolf Pack fans at the Hawaii Bowl.

h/t SB Nation


If you read more of the article you can get idea of how much chartering a private jet out there would cost. And if you’ve got $350,000-$400,000 burning a hole in your pocket…If that were the case you’re probably not reading this site.

Then again I do know a few people who work for Goldman Sachs who tell me all the time that they love the site, so who knows maybe you are extremely high net worth.

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