Three Tips For Playing Basketball and Basketball Gear



While playing football requires natural skills, practice and conditioning your body can help you become a great player. If you want to excel on the basketball court, you have to put in the effort and training that it takes to win.

The best way to become a star in basketball is to set achievable goals. Even the pros had to start at the lowest level. With persistence and the right gear, your play will improve, here are some tips to help, followed by some tips on how to properly use the right basketball gear.

Playing Tips

1.Ball Handling Skills

Most coaches and basketball professionals believe that ball handling is an essential skill to master. If you practice a lot, you will improve your ball handling and eventually dribbling skills. The best way to learn this skill is through dribbling drills.

Begin with a simple practice where you use one hand to dribble the ball in circles around your right foot. After mastering this, you can now switch to the other hand and leg. Try using both hands as this allows you to change directions quickly. When practicing, make sure you use your weak hand until you can dribble effectively with both. Always keep your head up so that you can see what is happening.


2. Shooting

First, learn what your shooting range is through trying different positions and angles. Always hold your follow-through to maintain your technique. When shooting, keep your eyes on the rim. Learn how to jump when shooting so that you can improve your range and accuracy.

3. Master Some Skills and move onto others

Grow your confidence by mastering a new skill and moving on to the next. You will find it easier to shot from a short range and then gradually improve the distance.

Learn how to control the ball then focus on your speed. Make sure you learn the basics first, then move to more advanced skills.

Basketball Gear

  1. The Ball

Every basketball player needs a ball to play and practice. Nowadays, basketballs are made from synthetic materials such as rubber and polyester. The pressure of the ball must always range from 7.5 to 8.5 pounds. The size should also measure 29.5 inches in circumference. However, you can find smaller sizes for kids. Go online for more information on the best basketball.  

2. Uniform

If you are playing in a basketball game, you and your teammates require a great costume. The outfit includes the jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks.

You can also add your personal touch by wearing an arm sleeve or a headband.


3. Jersey

The jersey is your identity and should include your name and number both at the front and back. The logo of your team should appear at the front of the jersey. The size depends on your height, chest, size, waist, and hips.

If you want to become a basketball star, it is crucial that you get yourself a coach that will lead you in the right direction. You should also have the will to learn and follow and follow instructions.  


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