Most Common Sports Injury in Basketball


Basketball is a sport whereby two teams oppose each other on a rectangular court. The main objective of the sport is shooting the basketball through the defender’s hoop. It is a very physical sport and players are often in contact, and like any other sport, it carries a high risk of injury. A study by the National Athletic Trainers Association indicates that there is a likelihood of two players in every high school basketball team to get injured during a season. Below are some of the most common injuries that are associated with basketball.

1. Sprain injury

This refers to an injury that is as a result of stretching or tearing of ligaments in a joint. Often, the main cause is trauma or the joint going beyond the normal functional range of motion. A sprain may occur in any joint, but the most common location of a sprain is usually the ankle. In basketball, sprains are very common injuries. Basketball involves jumping and a lot of bodily contact, players might get injured by getting hit in the scramble for a ball or getting stepped on in the course of the game. The severity of the sprain injuries ranges from minor injuries which can be treated at home with serious injuries such as fractures which might even require surgical intervention.

2. Strain Injury

This is an acute or chronic soft tissue injury to a tendon or a muscle. The muscle that is frequently involved in a strain injury cross two joints. The injuries cause acute pain and can be caused by any strenuous activity. The most affected body parts ankle, hip, knees and forearms.

In basketball, strains are very common among most players due to the strenuous nature of the sport. However, the players can prevent against strains by performing adequate warm up before a game or before intense exercise. According to, one should consult a physiotherapist should be consulted if a strain injury becomes severe and the player should stay off the field until the injury is healed.

3. Concussion

This is an injury to the brain. The injury is caused by a jolt, bumps or a blow to the head, which causes the brain to bounce inside the skull. The symptoms of a concussion include nausea, light sensitivity, fatigue and problems with concentration. However, every concussion is different and unique in each person and therefore a player may experience one or two symptoms or all.

In basketball, the risk of concussion is due to a blow from the basketball. The ball is very hard and if it hits hard on the head might cause a concussion. A concussion cannot really be prevented, but players ought to be careful while playing or practicing for a game.

Basketball generally is a very great sport. The idea of an injury should not discourage someone from pursuing and enjoying the great sport. However, it is very important for both players and coaches in the basketball game to ensure that they take great caution and in case of an injury seek the necessary treatment.

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