Why is the EPL So Popular?


Football is one of the most loved and universal sports of all time. You have a league in almost every nation and every region in the world. But among all the football leagues, there is one that seems to have caught the eye of almost every football lover in the world and that is the English Premier league. That is why today, we want to explore a few reasons that make the EPL so popular. 

1. International Players

According to a blog at www.leroijohnny.com/fr, one of the main reasons that makes the English Premier League so popular is the fact it is international and it has a lot of international players as well. The English Premier League has a plethora of teams and each of those teams has at least one foreign player. 

Therefore, with each foreign player that the team has, the people of that nation will want to support their fellow citizen. Also, it will attract the foreign to want to see what team their fellow citizen is playing for. This is despite the fact that they know that person or not. The EPL is almost as famous as real money online casino games.

2. Marketing Strategy

Another reason why the EPL is so popular is because of its marketing strategies. We talk of the different sponsors for the teams. We have major international companies like Emirates that support teams. As such, it builds up curiosity in the people to see how great this team has to be to be supported by a major airline like Emirates.

Also, in terms of marketing, there are the different games that are created out of the EPL, like FIFA for instance. There are other leagues that are found in FIFA created by EA Sports, but we can bet that the EPL has more people who enjoy playing. 

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