Planning Your 2020 Wedding Entertainment


A wedding cannot be complete without entertainment. The wedding day is a special one where people should have fun and enjoy themselves.

However, you need to make sure you have the right entertainment. Well, that requires meticulous planning. Besides, 2020 had its challenges, such as the social distancing measures put in place.

Here are some pointers for planning your 2020 wedding entertainment.

Choose the Entertainment Company

The entertainment company you choose can make or break your special day. So, do the due diligence to get the best.

You could ask your family, friends or someone who has held a wedding recently for referrals. If you don’t get one this way, a bit of online research can yield good results.

However, before you engage any entertainment company, check their ability to provide the service. What is the view of the previous customers about the service provided? Were they satisfied? Check the customer reviews to find out what other customers have experienced.

What services can they provide? Are they flexible for your needs? For example, can they offer a live event and if need be give virtual entertainment? Can they adapt to the circumstances, such as now when there are the social distancing rules?

It is much better if you can get something unique for your wedding. An original choreographed dance and music could be what you need to separate your wedding from the rest.

Select the Entertainment Method

Will you have online entertainment or you will go for live performance or both? Will it be only music, or you will have other methods of entertainment such as comedians, face painting for the kids and sack races? Choose entertainment methods that will leave your guests talking many years to come.

In 2020, weddings are going for virtual entertainment because of the social distancing measures taken as a result of the pandemic.

As you plan your 2020 wedding entertainment, you can take this option. Besides, you can use one of the entertainment companies in Florida to provide online entertainment. 

Also, you can incorporate live entertainment into your wedding so long as you observe distancing measures. You could get a live band, a DJ, celebrity performer or dancers to make your wedding lively.

Remember, with the current situation brought by the Covid-19, the type of entertainment can be limited by space.

For an indoor wedding with limited space, a DJ or live performance with guests going on the dance floor may not be possible. However, it can be done if the venue has adequate space where the guests can dance as they maintain distance.

An outdoor wedding set up has more entertainment options. You can have a jazz band, singing guitarists, an acoustic duo or live performers. Just make sure you meet the sound restrictions set for the venue.

Which Music

Which music genre do you want to be played at your wedding? This is the next question after you choose the type of entertainment you want. Work with the entertainment company to select your playlist and to select the kind of music you want to be played for your guests.

It is best to have a diversified playlist that spans many years to cater to all your guests’ interests. It would be bad if some of your guests felt left out.

Also, you can have something unique created just for you.


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