How online football betting and playing online casino games are similar


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By John O’Leary

Although betting on your favourite football games and playing slots on the Internet might seem like two completely distinct activities, they have plenty in common. If you look at them closely, they are essentially forms of entertainment that provide means of betting with real money on the Internet.

If you’re a football fan exploring free spins opportunities to make the most of your online slot plays, and also love placing football punts every now and then, we’ll help you find similarities between both these gambling activities, so that you can take an objective look at both of them.

Means of funding

Whether you’re playing at an online casino or placing punts at a popular online bookmaker, you’re going to be offered a wide range of online payment options on these platforms. They accept payments via conventional payment methods such as credit/debit cards as well as through the latest payment forms like e-wallets and bitcoins.

Although big gambling portals provide a comprehensive range of payment options to their users, there’s a new trend emerging among the medium and small size online bookies and casino establishments. This is with regard to cryptocurrencies and how they have started accepting a good number of them including Ethereum, bitcoins, dogecoins and more. On a side note, here’s a nice piece on bitcoins and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Emerging trends

Both online football betting and online casino games are impacted by certain emerging trends. For instance, more and more number of people are shifting to mobile platforms to indulge in such favourite pastimes. This development makes it imperative for all online bookmakers and casino operators to offer mobile versions of their portals to their market. Going by the estimates, as many as 35% of all email users in the world employ smart phones to read their emails. Another trend that is significantly impacting these platforms is the phenomenon of live betting (both on casino games as well as football matches). This type of betting offers certain distinct advantages that all gamblers must take advantage of.

Regulatory impacts

Online gambling regulation is something very dynamic and evolves with each passing week/month, in an effort to formalise such operations and protect the interests of players. While some countries clearly distinguish between online betting activities and playing online casino games, and place regulatory restrictions on either or both of them, there are other governments that make both these activities freely available to the interested players. The United States is a good example as although you can’t indulge in online sports betting in the country, you can still bet on fantasy sports games. Here’s the latest on the status of gambling in the United States.

Gamblers must stay on top of all such regulatory changes so they can benefit from them and place their punts accordingly.


Almost all gambling platforms, including the ones to do with sports betting and online casinos, offer attractive promotions to both existing and new players. From initial no deposit bonuses to specific promotions created around football tournaments, you can make the most of them and get the maximum bang for your every penny you spend on these platforms. However, please don’t forget to read the fine print before availing such promotions.

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