Mistakes People Make While Playing at Online Casinos


We all love playing casino games. It gives us the thrill and the excitement that we sometimes lack in our real lives. All of us want the game to be profitable or at least entertaining, however, there are some common pitfalls that can occur when gambling and spoil the mood or lead to unnecessary losses and disappointments. In this article, we are going to cover some of the most common mistakes made by players so that you can watch for them when you or your acquaintances are seeking that ultimate online enjoyment, for instance, at such well-respected and modern gambling establishments as casino SlotV

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Chasing your losses

The first huge mistake that many newbies make is certainly to chase your losses. Chasing losses means that whenever you lose, you immediately try to make up for it by placing more/larger bets, a move that will end in a disaster. Chasing your losses is the worst way to manage your bankroll. Instead of trying to win back your money, why don’t you start with a number in your head that you are comfortable losing? Try to stay calm and collected and see the game unfold without rushing to make bets. Remember, each game has a set of odds, and sometimes, it’s all about how lucky you are.

Never creating a bankroll

The second rule of any serious player is to create a bankroll. If you devise some simple bankroll management strategies and stick to them, you can help minimize your potential losses even if this day may turn out to be your unlucky one. Make sure to set aside 50% of all your winnings – this will certainly guarantee that you’ll leave the table with at least the amount you entered the game with, and that’s already something.

Making large bets

Another classic mistake made by both pros and newbies. Managing your own bankroll is crucial to your well-being as a casino player, so make sure to adjust your bet levels accordingly. You can follow one basic and simple rule, which is: never bet more than 10% or 15% of your bankroll on one hand. Make sure to spread your bets and never shower the casino with your hard-earned cash. Maintaining a solid bankroll will give you more confidence and put you at ease when playing SlotV online tournaments.

Gambling when under the influence

Alcohol is often used as a way to relax, however, it’s obvious that alcohol and other substances will massively impair your judgement to make rational decisions while gambling. This is also an answer to the question of why casinos offer free cocktails to their guests. Certainly, they do it in the hopes that a person will become intoxicated and prone to making poor decisions. Make sure you never drink and play at the same time. The chances of you blowing your games nearly double.


Do you think there would be so many articles on how to avoid the major mistakes in gambling if all people followed the advice given here? Not really. And that means that we are all humans. Even the best players, those that win thousands in blackjack and poker, struggle to live above the break-even point. One huge loss – and you’re back at square one. Gambling is a difficult area to manage, that’s why a player has to follow so many rules.

Certainly, no one can control the odds, where the roulette ball lands, or how the cards fall, but you can learn to avoid the most common traps set on your way both by casino establishments and your own psyche. 

Make sure to play moderately and avoid the heat of the moment. This way, you will win even if you lose.


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