How to Write an Engaging Sports Article | Tips for College Students


Have you been asked to create a sports article for your academic project? For many aspiring and seasoned journalists and writers, sporting events offer a productive source of material for their craft. Note that news writing style is just as crucial for sports reporting as business stories or general news. 

However, the benefit of sports writing is that writers are allowed more wiggle room regarding the words they can use in their articles. Unlike in crime writing, where authors are discouraged from using adverbs and adjectives, sports pieces allow descriptive writing. 

Journalistic material can appear from news on recent sporting events or feature articles to profile sports personnel. This article summarizes how students can create exceptional sports articles that appeal to sports fans and other readers. 

  • Read and Understand the Instructions 

The starting point of any academic assignment is reading and understanding the instructions. Each task will come with specific directions that indicate what the professor wants you to accomplish. 

Take time to read through the guidelines, making sure that everything is clear before you start writing. For example, what is the project question, and how long should the paper be? Make sure that your report follows what is indicated in the prompt. If you choose to look for someone to help draft your article, check out a top EssayWriter Review

  • Start With a Captivating Hook 

When it comes to sports news articles, how you start is critical. A good paper starts with an exciting lead paragraph created to grab the attention of readers. It would help if you created a fantastic hook at the start of your article while also revealing the genre of the writing to your audience. 

When creating a feature article on a specific player, you could consider opening with a sentence revealing some interesting but unique information about the athlete. You could also lead with the player’s personality or critical accomplishments. Another option would be to lead with some interesting quotes about your subject. 

Unlike features, news articles tend to use an inverted pyramid structure of writing. In this sense, the article starts by informing the readers of the results of the sporting events. So, for instance, if you report on a football game, it may be ideal to start with who won. 

You can then use the subsequent paragraphs to provide key highlights and additional information. Readers want to know the results of the sporting event from the beginning. If you find custom writing frustrating, you can find professional help on platforms like

  • Understand Your Audience and Find the Story in the Event 

Although most of your readers will be sports fans, a good report offers captivating content that can draw in other readers. So, before you start writing, plan well and find a narrative that will appeal to your readers’ emotions. 

For instance, if asked to profile a team that is reeling from a loss after losing an important player, then the story for your article may be about the team struggling to find a new identity for itself. Thus, news articles ought to use vivid details to highlight the most critical moments of the event. 

Although some of your readers may already be familiar with some elements of the event, you should still offer a clear description. In addition, give an emotional component to your writing, making sure to grab your audience’s interests. 

  • Take Advantage of Direct Quotes 

Sports writing benefits extensively from interviews with coaches and players. In other words, a well-written news article will contain accurately reported quotes. During your interviews, seek detailed answers as leadings questions, such as those that start with why. Work on building rapport and trust with your interviewee to get candid answers to your questions. 

  • Avoid Clichés in Your Writing

In any paper that you are asked to write at college, clarity is crucial. However, using clichés for your news article rather than clear language can drain your work of its allure, making readers disinterested in the content. 

Rather than using action words that readers are used to encountering in similar articles, focus on vividly highlighting the activity in the sporting event. The point here is that a well-written sports article is created in plain language without much jargon. 

Writing an impeccable sports news article can be simple if you follow the tips and techniques highlighted in this article. Make sure to edit and proofread your work before submitting it. 


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