How to compare sport and education?


?hildren often go to school and want to play sports, but there are always doubts whether it is possible to study for good grades and be an athlete? 

Make education easier 

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Any adult who has to get up at 6 in the morning and stay up late one day comes to a state of chronic fatigue. It is expressed like this:

  • errors and miscalculations in the work.
  • frequent colds.
  • development of chronic diseases of the digestive and nervous system.
  • premature aging.

Early mortality in many occupations is the result of wear and tear on the body.

The attitude towards sports in our society is such that parents usually do not think about the consequences of increased training. Children try to combine increased mental stress and a busy schedule of sports life, where there is little room for rest.

Sometimes, following the lead of their children, parents help them make a sports career. Sometimes moms and dads themselves are the initiators and inspirers of children’s sports hobbies. Almost always, school, as a factor of good education and great opportunities in life, remains that constant load that cannot be discounted. The question of whether it is sports or study is not worth it – it is quite obvious that you need to go to school and always go to a good one. Sports trainings for up to 12 years are not in such a tough regime, therefore they are extremely enjoyable.

Hard choice

School education today strives for specialization. In almost all countries of the world, the teaching of children is optimized towards the selection of basic and specialized subjects. This approach allows children to gain some basic knowledge in three or four subjects and, if desired, narrowly specialized, in several areas of interest to them.

The health of a sports child is priceless. You can save it only by observing a number of rules:

  • feasible loads.
  • balanced diet.
  • a workout and study schedule that mixes well and doesn’t cause fatigue.

It is at the age, when the child begins to grow vigorously, it is worth helping him make the right choice – sport or study. This is not a literal choice. There are at least two ways to solve the problem:

You can reduce the amount of time spent on study by at least finding an educational institution closer to home.

You should think seriously about the specialization of the child’s knowledge – to select several important subjects and pay more attention to them.

Parents are obliged to organize the process of education and training so that there is no loss of invaluable hours taken away from proper healthy sleep.

Psychologists, coaches and doctors draw the attention of moms and dads, who bring their children to the sports section for the first time, to a very important point – the ergonomics of the distances between school, gym and home. The road to any of these places should not exceed 10-15 minutes. It is worth thinking about this important factor long before the child grows up and begins to experience a feeling of chronic fatigue. In this case, it will be easier to combine study and sports.

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