What Evidence You Need to Win an Accident Settlement


If you are involved in an accident that has been caused by another person or entity’s negligence, you can hold them liable for damages you sustained, both physically and financially. However, you need to gather sufficient evidence to prove your case and get compensation for loss of income, property damages, injuries, pain, and suffering. 

There are different details that you need to keep in mind when negotiating with insurance companies to reach a fair settlement. Read on to learn the evidence you need to win an accident settlement. 

Medical Records

The most important evidence that you should gather after an accident relates to documenting your injuries. You must get medical attention soon after the accident so that your doctor will write a medical report documenting the severity of your injuries. You also need to keep a journal of all medical records including expenses, type of treatment obtained, healthcare appointments, and others. You should also follow the doctor’s medical instructions to get the compensation you deserve. 

Police Report

You must report the accident to the police so that the traffic officers will attend the scene if possible. It is very important to wait for the police to arrive at the accident scene so that they can compile a police report. This document is critical in ascertaining the party who is at fault. Without a police report, it might be a futile exercise to file a settlement to claim compensation. 

Even if the accident is minor, you should report to the police within a certain period so that a police report is created. All insurance companies request a police report before they process your claim. Therefore, you must ensure that you report the accident on time and get a report that will support your claim should you seek to recover a settlement.  

Proving Negligence

If you want to win a personal injury settlement, you must prove that the other party acted in a negligent way that caused the accident. For instance, you need to prove that the other party had a duty of care that they violated. For example, in the case of a car accident, you must show that the other driver breached the duty of care through distracted driving. You also need to prove your damages in the form of injuries and medical bills.

Proving negligence can be challenging if you do not know the evidence you should collect. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional lawyer to help you gather the necessary details that can help support your case. Expert personal injury attorneys in Rock Hill explain that getting an attorney with experience in dealing with similar cases will help you evaluate the situation and use the information you gathered in your favor. Professional lawyers also know how to present the evidence to the insurance companies and negotiate a fair settlement. In most cases, claims involving car accidents are solved out of court, as insurance adjusters often try to avoid the often time-consuming court process.    

Document the Accident Scene 

You must document all the necessary details at the accident scene that can help you win your compensation claim. You must get evidence for all the damages at the accident scene that includes photos of the damaged vehicles or properties, your injuries, and other features that could have contributed to the accident. 

You should also try to obtain the other individual’s name, contact details, license and vehicle plate numbers (in case of a car accident), and insurance information. You must try to find out if the other driver was driving a personal, company, or rented vehicle. If the car belongs to an employer, you should try to get the details of the company that employs the driver. You must also pay attention to all traffic signals around, vehicle debris, skid marks, and other evidence. 

Collect Witness Statements

While still at the accident scene, you must try to get information from the witnesses who might be around the accident scene. It is essential to keep a diary of details that you get from different people who could have witnessed the accident. However, you must be careful to avoid sharing the accident details with insurance adjusters from the other company. They may use the information against you. 

If you are involved in an accident that you believe was caused by the other party’s negligence, you can hold them liable for the damages. However, to win an accident settlement, you should provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. The evidence you can obtain include police reports, medical records, statements from witnesses, as well as damages to vehicles or properties. Regardless of the type of accident you were involved in, you need to work with a specialized attorney to increase your chances of winning your case.

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