The Skinny, no Anorexic, NBA Lockout Update


NBA content is absolutely dying on the web these days. It’s where web traffic goes to die.

Stories on the painted decals of Michael Jordan’s plane?? DON’T CARE!!!! It’s gotten so bad that I almost posted a story about the Indiana Pacers Roy Hibbert making an appearance on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” I encountered nothing else that was more exciting of NBA theme this week. So without boring you to death, here’s the latest on the lockout.

The players union and the owners met to discuss a new CBA. The players union was offered a 50/50 revenue split starting next season and rejected it, with president Derek Fisher saying, “…the owners gave us an opportunity to back down. We refused.”

If the two sides can’t agree on a 50/50 split, it’s obvious the two sides are getting farther apart.


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