NCAA didn’t punish Penn State enough the first time



Former U.S. Senator George Mitchell (Maine) is helping to restore Penn State’s football program, and this week informed the NCAA that Penn State is showing changes and “integrity” in its athletic department. George Mitchell is retired from Congress but he serves as an Independent Athletics Integrity Monitor.

I’m not making that up.

The NCAA is gradually giving back Penn State some of the scholarships they lost after the Jerry Sandusky scandal — the worst scandal in college sports history — and there is talk that the NCAA may shorten the bowl ban.

God help us.

Isn’t it bad enough that the victims of Jerry Sandusky have to live with this emotional and physical pain everyday. Now they have to watch as the NCAA just pats Penn State on the head and says, “You’re doing a great job here with your punishment, Penn State. It’s OK that you’ve allowed a child rapist be a part of your program. Now, go get ‘em boys!”

That’s basically the message the NCAA is sending to State College.

I bet there are no vigils on campus during the fall (or any other time of year) for the victims. People who live in central Pennsylvania, in and around the mountains of Happy Valley, are obsessed and preoccupied with that football team in State College.

Nothing else matters during the fall over there, and since there usually isn’t anything else to do, people in that region of that state gravitate toward the one entity that can bring people together: college football.

The Big Ten supports what the NCAA is doing. Only about a year after the NCAA handed down those sanctions which some thought were like a death penalty (but weren’t), the conference can’t take a stand. They have to agree with basically everything the NCAA decides, because ultimately money talks and power talks and I’m sure the league doesn’t want to say anything conflicting with what the big guys decide.

What the NCAA should have done was put that football team in State College on death row.

Give them the death penalty and shut them down for a few years — at least two or three — to do some real damage. People opine and shout that the current players and coaches should not be punished for what a staff and a group of middle-aged men did before these guys even got to central Pennsylvania. But guess what?

It’s not just guilt by association.

Were the employees at Arthur Andersen and Enron punished for something their CEOs and COO’s did? Yes. Did the lowly administrative assistant working in a cubicle at Enron have anything to do with what Jeffrey Skilling did? No, but that person lost their job as a consequence of someone else’s actions.

The only way to really send a message to the fanatics and law breakers at Penn State who covered up this crime are to shut the program down, which the NCAA didn’t do.

Now Penn State football rising like a Phoenix and are ripening themselves to allow another scandal (of a smaller scale, surely, not as major as Jerry Sandusky, but a scandal nonetheless) to invade college sports. Because some people just never learn.

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  1. U are a idiot, to compare innocent ppl with a corporation who all had knowledge of its wrongdoings , do u honestly think these players had anything to do with Sanduskys doings? Do u think 95 % of the college campus knew anything was going on, with the exception of a few “in charge” and they and only they should be dealt with, your a complete idiot to even voice ur stupidity ..u are a perfect example of the mindset in this country, you lady are a idiot.

  2. Howard Hartz says:

    Your approach to this horrific event within the Penn State upper echelon and Board of Trustees has no bearing on the football team whatsoever. The main issue remains has justice been served to its fullest – the answer is no however we all must let the judicial system run its course for a conclusion to this horrendous deed with so many young victims. The institution hierarchy who turned their backs on this crime are now in court or have already been sentenced to prison. The NCAA has the right to amend any harsh penalties administered to Penn State, by receiving reports showing the University has addressed their rules & regulations of conduct set by the Freed report.

    It’s bad enough you people did your best to destroy Joe….and all the teams of the last decade….but you never let up/
    You keep pulling a healing scab….the wound will NEVER heal.
    The scar remains….but will never heal….let it go you pervs who get off spouting rhetoric that is useless and without wisdom.

  4. It appears you are in the minority and even the NCAA is realizing they overstepped their authority by reinstating the scholarships and I’m sure there is more to come…NCAA should have NEVER got involved with these penalties in the first place.

  5. You’re a bitch

  6. Big Ten Fan says:

    Never mind the fact that their is NO evidence supporting the media’s fabricated cover up story. There is no evidence of wrong doing by Penn State. If you have evidence, provide it, if you can’t shut up. We know that isn’t realist. The conspiracy theorists in the media will keep ranting in direct contradiction of the facts. Should be an interesting read when ALL of the NCAA unjustified and flatly immoral sanctions are rescinded. Too bad this author will continue to keep his or her head in the ground.

  7. You are a total idiot. This was a criminal matter, not an NCAA matter. Those involved are going through the legal process, in jail, or dead. But I guess that is not enough for morons like you. If you knew anything about the victims, you would know that several of them continue to attend PSU games and support the current team and staff.

  8. Your employer should put you on death row.

  9. Fuck off

  10. You seriously do not get paid for this trash, do you ? Child “rapist?” Go find one “rape” Sandusky was convicted of. You won’t. Yes, there is a distinction between molesting and raping – you know darn well the word “rape” is like throwing gas on a fire. That’s the why the attorney general used it in her grand jury presentment even though that is 100% false. Demagogues like you all over the media use the words “child rapes” to refer to Penn State to fan flames – deal in facts.

  11. Salinger, Do you get paid to write this crap. Please get your facts straight before opening your idiotic mouth. State College and PSU students did and do have rallies for abused children. They also raised funds for abuse. Please go away. You are a true mindless ass.

  12. I agree with PSU4LIFE and another FRANK above!

  13. Just another writer trying to get their name out there. They write a bunch of crap to try and stand out, hoping a more popular media source picks up on it and hires them.

  14. Ray Volpatt says:

    You seem to be extremely uninformed. Where do you get your information that nothing else matters there in the fall? As someone who attended PSU I can tell you that Central PA is one of America’s gems with plenty to do. While football plays a big part of the fall’s entertainment, so does fly fishing, hiking, biking and many outdoor activities.

    May I suggest you visit which is the website of the PSU Dance Marathon, the largest STUDENT RUN philanthopy in the country. To date they have raised over $12 Million dollars for pediatric cancer.

    Oh, and that horrible football program that you spent so much time researching so you could damn them… talk to the many people who have benefitted from their Lift for Life which raises over $100 K per year to benefit kidney cancer research.

    Oh, and there are few football programs who can claim grad rates in excess of 85% year in and year out. Academics is so much more important at PSU than football. Ask the Faculty Senate and they will most certainly agree.

    Now I highly doubt you know any more about the Sandusky Scandal then what today’s sound byte media has told you. I suggest you do some investigating yourself, actually read both the Freeh Report and the Paterno Report, wait until those who are awaiting trial can testify under oath, and be informed before you slander an entire region of the country.

  15. Mark W. Richmond says:

    I need to correct a few misstatements made by Ms. Salinger. First, the actions taken by Sandusky were criminal in nature. He was prosecuted for his actions in the criminal courts of Pennsylvania. As was borne out by the trial testimony, Sandusky was no longer an employee of Penn State at the time. Second, the person alleged to have covered up Sandusky’s crimes – Spanier, Schultz, & Curley are no longer affiliated w/ PSU. They are scheduled for trial some time next year. Prior to his death, Joe Paterno was not charged w/ covering up this matter, nor w/ lying to the grand jury. Joe Paterno was the only Penn state higher-up to have truthfully testified before the grand jury. At the time that the charges were announced, the Attorney General’s office commended Paterno’s cooperation. Further, the Attorney General handling the prosecution recently stated that there was no evidence indicating that Paterno had been involved in a cover-up. Third & last, your Enron/ Arthur Anderson analogy is inapplicable to the Sandusky situation. In your example, the administrative assistants were employees of the company at the time that the criminal conduct took place. However, here, the students bearing the burden of the sanctions hadn’t even graduated from high school when the crimes took place. They had yet to even by recruited by PSU. That is a big reason why the sanctions must be considered to be onerous & misplaced.

    The NCAA’s went outside of its own rules, regulations, and procedures when it imposed sanctions on Penn State. The NCAA is there to ensure a level playing field. What happened at Penn State was a crime which in no way gave Penn State any sort of a competitive advantage. Also, the sanctions were essentially crammed down PSU’s throat. They agreed to the sanctions only after being threatened with the Death Penalty. Notwithstanding the way that these sanctions were handed down, PSU has done everything it has been asked to do by the NCAA. Senator George Mitchell has so confirmed. Such steps greatly decrease the likelihood that anything like this could happen again. Further, the Penn State community has donated millions of dollars to organizations assisting the victims of child abuse. A center dedicating to this task has been set up on campus. The victims have not been forgotten!

  16. Those victims have 60 million reasons to get on with their lives.

  17. Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this article. I’ve concluded that this is another site just designed to get hits on it and sell ads, no journalism exists whatsoever – shameful. Does your mom know you’re a prostitute?

    First there was 0 (that’s zero) investigation or factual references in this. Second, I have been to central PA. Did you know that they have some of the world’s best fly fishing and outdoor sports there? Did you know they have some of the best all foliage in the country? Could you even imagine the fact that there are other sports at PSU like soccer or hockey??

    As far as the work that this school is doing (and no, I didn’t go there but have closely followed this story unlike the author); the next home football game is a “blue out” to raise funds and awareness for victims of child abuse. This article in State College the Magazine is 8 hours old:,1388820/

    AND YES, PSU is rallying for the cause of abuse. So, perhaps there is a silver lining and perhaps more good can come of this situation than just the victims being compensated, etc. But whores who pimp their work out like this fraud of an author and many who jumped on the anti PSU bandwagon and then on the anti-NCAA bandwagon are actually doing more harm to the cause of child abuse than good.

    Please stop writing. It’s morally reprehensible.

  18. Just to clarify Penn State’s THON has raised over $101 million to date, the $12 million was just last year. And Penn State has had a Blue Out game to raise awareness of child sex abuse for the last few years. This has raised over $120,000 for the cause.

  19. Helen, you are a piece of shit and should learn the facts before writing such an article!!!

  20. You must be a friggin Pitt fan Helen.. And an idiot to boot!

  21. Helen,

    If you graduate from a college with a degree is journalism that school should be put on probation and assessed a fine for giving you degree! You are completely uninformed asto the facts of the Sanduskey case, Penn State’s role in it, the reputation of the university and the central Pennsylvania community. You should be ale to read before you are allowed to write!

  22. I’m so sick of people acting like Penn State and Jerry Sandusky are one and the same.One is a sick and evil convicted child molester,the other is an institution of higher learning,one of the finest in the country.The only connection Sandusky still had with PSU at the time he committed his crimes was a key to the gym…given to him for being a retired professor,not a thing football or football team related.Your false outrage is getting very tiring…I’m sure there’s some kids ball on your lawn,go confiscate it and direct your false piety in another direction.

  23. PENN STATEplayers had nothing to do with this incident. how can u blame them . the fault lies within the administration, not the students and athletes. get a life

  24. Why are you allowed to write your personal opinions (as small and narrow as they are). This article is an embarrassment. Please look at the facts. Sandusky was not part of the football team. He retired and the administration gave him access to the facilities (not the football team or Joe Pa). The same administrators who have not been to court yet. Penn State was judged and convicted, while the administrators have not been (unfair justice). The NCAA hurt the kids that are in school now. The NCAA hurt the current football players. The NCAA only cares about money and their status. The Freed report was a joke. Hired to write a report, which he did without facts. Everyone feels for the victims. The NCAA has done nothing to help the victims. Penn State has helped the victims (FACT). This was a criminal manner and the NCAA should have not been allowed to get involved. Leave the good people of Central PA out of your dumb story.

  25. Integritylivesonforsome says:

    If this article waas graded by an educator you’d get an F for research, and F- for overall content, and a “G” if there were sch as thing for Garbage! Go do anything else becuase as a writer it’s obvious that you take an idea, throw your personal spin on it to try an get some headlines. Trust me that your moment of “fame” here won’t last much longer.

    I am a D-1 First team NCAA All American (not a PennStater) but a member of the hard working student athletes the NCAA represents and I firmly believe Penn State has stuents have suffered for something they have not been involved in. Remember football at most institutions funds other sports programs, and I believe there were a lot of futures impacted by unjust sanctions.

    So please think before you attempt to reopen a deep wound..especially for what appears to be solely personal gain.

  26. Integritylivesonforsome says:

    And yes..I intentionally mispelled several words in my first post to drive home the point that the article looks like it was poory written, and by a by a 3rd grader at best.

  27. This article is very poorly written. While I in no way defend Paterno or anyone else who helped cover this up, in no way would shutting down the program help the victims. Also, just 30 seconds of research, and you would realize your “I bet there were no vigils on campus” claim is 100% false

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