The Five Hardest Games In The World To Master 



Seen as the ideal form of entertainment, games have become more than just a favourite pastime. Today, games are becoming more competitive even when you are playing with your friends. The competitive nature of the games mean that everyone wants to win, but it is not always possible since there can be one winner. Some games can be easier to learn and master.

However, staying competitive is extremely difficult in some games largely because they would be extremely difficult master. Here are some of the top five games in the world which are difficult to master.


A hugely popular game, chess has been around since the seventh century A.D. It is likely to be the most popular board game ever. Even though there are quite a range of options on the chessboard, it does not take long to learn the various facets of the game. However, it remains as one of the difficult games to master since the movements can be done in so many ways to achieve a win.

The basic moves can be quite easy in the superficial sense, but they need to be combined with the rest of the board in order to achieve complex strategies necessary for success. It is not a surprise that chess is a hugely addictive game.

Casino Games

The word ‘casino games’ would largely invoke memories of slot games, but there is more to do than what just meets the eye. There are plenty of casino games which are not only difficult on paper, but extremely difficult to master. Poker is one of the names, as players have to not only master the cards but also take their opponents with plenty of mind games. JackpotJoy casino remains as one of the best possible options to experience casino games. Poker is all about numbers as players have to constantly measure the odds of success.

Strategy at hand is a key aspect of the game. While success in poker is not instant, it can be hugely rewarding. Players ideally take several years before they even come close to achieving success by recognizing patterns and bluffs.


While it is often thought that Backgammon is a game of luck, it may not be the case even though our moves will be determined by the role of the dice. The ability of a player plays a major role in the game, and a chance has a key role to play only if the two players are of identical strength. A player needs to make several calculations in the head while also analyzing different aspects of the game. It remains as one of the toughest to master.


Bridge is a game coming from the 17th century. Even though it originated in Russia, the game became extremely popular in the Middle East. Today, it is regarded as one of the toughest card games in the world. A team game featuring up to 4 players, it is split into two teams.

The standard 52 card desk is used in the game and it comprises of three stages – auction, play, and scoring. The auction stage sees the players bidding to describe their hands in a clockwise rotation. The play stage sees any of the previous stage winning bidders using several tricks in order to meet the auction obligation before the game enters into the final stage.

The purpose of the bid is to communicate the strength of the hand to the partner. The fulfillment of the contract and winning of the game can be done once a pair manages to win tricks of four cards. A penalty is caused when the pair failed to fulfill their contracts.


Created in 1954 by Allan B Calhamer, Diplomacy is a board game where strategy plays a major role in the success. It is played on the map of Europe depicting the 1914 war. Parts of North Africa and the Middle East are also included. This may seem like any other war themed game, but it has no dices involved and plenty of negotiation skills are required. Players are required to come up with the task of defending superpowers like England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Turkey from the alliances of other players. There can be up to 2 or seven players at any given time.

The objective of the game is to occupy strategically important cities. Players apart from Russia and Great Britain start the game with armies and naval fleets.

These games may seem easy on paper, but they remain the toughest to master.

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