Protest against Governor planned at Michigan St-Michigan basketball game



Michigan State and Michigan basketball fans obviously butt heads a lot. (Ditto for football, hockey and every other sport). It’s a very heated rivalry to say the least. Michigan basketball fans tastelessly defacing the Magic Johnson statue in the week leading up to the football game between the two schools is the latest classic example.

However, tomorrow will see Michigan State and Michigan basketball fans comes together in unison for a much bigger cause than hoops.

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Michigan State basketball: currently a #3 seed NCAA Resume

michigan state basketball

This is Michigan State basketball- the season doesn’t actually begin until March.

The rule used to be that you didn’t talk NCAA Tournament resume until the end of the regular season/beginning of conference tournament time. Then Valentine’s Day became the unofficial starting point for tourney talk. Nowadays, anything goes when it comes to analyzing and forecasting this stuff.

We live in a world of “I need to know NOW!” with everything and I’m going to put as LITTLE effort as possible into finding out. Well, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll break it all down for you.

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Michigan State basketball making annual midseason swoon again


It’s that time of year again! Yes, Michigan State basketball is doing what they always do in January or February. And of course, none of this will matter come March when Tom Izzo and company will once again be on fire. The Spartans have been known to pile on the ugly losses during the drab of another long East Lansing winter, but they do own the spring.

Watch it will happen again.

Sparty has received a severe beat down not but once, but twice from Iowa already, and Wednesday’s inexplicable home loss to Nebraska dropped them to 3-4 in conference play.

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Michigan State football Preview: Cotton Bowl vs Alabama Crimson Tide


It’s the biggest Michigan State football game since 1966. That’s about all you need to say in hyping and introducing this one. In the first 114 years of Michigan State football they haven’t had as many 11 win seasons as they’ve had in the past five. This game will give Mark Dantonio a chance to show that Michigan State football is on par with Tom Izzo with Michigan State basketball.

It’s currently the Golden Age of athletics in East Lansing, but a football national title would go nicely in Mark Hollis’ collection; to accompany the basketball national title from 2000.

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Zach Randolph tops 10 best interviews of 2015

zach randolph

As we continue our 2015 “best of” series, The Sports Bank counts down the ten best interviews we did this past year. As I’ve said repeatedly, 99% of media interviews and press conferences are utterly worthless and completely pointless.

However, I probably did well over a thousand or two thousand media opps this past year because everything that follows is pure gold.

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Grizzlies Zach Randolph still “Going Green” for #1 MSU

Zach Randolph Grizzlies

It’s been 15 seasons since Zach Randolph did his one-and-done year at Michigan State University, but he still bleeds green and white. Randolph has enjoyed a storied NBA career since he entered the league in the 2001 NBA Draft via the Portland Trail Blazers (19th overall). Jason Richardson, who was two-and-done in East Lansing, came out the same exact year.

Of all the Spartans to enter the NBA this millennium, Zach Randolph has definitely had the most stellar and productive pro career.

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#4 Iowa Football vs #5 Michigan St: “Elite 8” Game Preview


The Big Ten title game this year is a literally a play-in to the college football playoff. Winner is in the top four and headed to the sport’s “champions league.” Since it’s a Final Four in the #CFBPlayoff, this game is a de facto “Elite 8” match-up. So instead of “March Madness” we have “December Delirium.” It’s also a chance for Iowa football to prove all the naysayers wrong.

Anyone who says “Iowa football is the worst 12-0 team ever” will either eat crow or receive validation very late Saturday night.

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Michigan State, maybe Ohio St. still alive for Playoffs


The penultimate college football playoff ranking was released last night with Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa all in. Heading into conference championship Saturday and the final decision on Sunday, Michigan State can get in with a win over Iowa in Indianapolis and  Ohio State has maybe an outside shot if both Clemson and Alabama lose. There is still a lot of football to be played and some chaos could ensue.

Will your team make the cut?

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Michigan State continues living in Athletics Golden Age

tom-izzo_michigan state basketball

The Golden Age of Michigan State athletics continues as Tom Izzo achieved his 500th career win tonight over Boston College, by a resounding margin 99-68. As Tom Izzo further cemented his legacy, his star player had another career night. Denzel Valentine recorded his second career triple double as he finished with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. His 29 points matched a career-high.

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#3 Ohio State football vs #13 MSU: Four Critical Questions

taylor decker ohio state football

Ohio State football is done with their “opening round” games. Now it’s the “round of 32” game which doubles as the Big Ten East Division Title game. Then it’s Michigan in the Sweet 16, the Elite 8 versus Iowa and so forth. The analogy is slightly flawed but you get the idea.

Here’s what to watch for on Saturday in THEEEE game of the week.

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#13 Michigan State basketball vs #4 Kansas: Five Main Storylines

kansas cheerleaders

Unfortunately, people who live outside of these four states: Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas and Indiana, just DO NOT CARE about college basketball until March, or maybe mid February. The Champions Classic is a big part of everything that’s right in the initiative to change that.

It’s all about scheduling real games and against real teams in November and December, something Tom Izzo and Michigan State basketball has already been doing for several years.

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Michigan St. basketball is the James Bond of the Big Ten


Here’s where I have this Michigan St. basketball team to finish where I have for my RedEye Big Ten season preview. They’re not going to be in the top three this season unfortunately. The Spartans lost too many key pieces and don’t have enough new weapons re-loaded yet.

While State probably won’t be a conference front-runner, they’ll come alive at conference tournament time and then own the first weekends of the NCAA Tournament. Just like with the franchise centered around agent 007 licensed to kill, you know how the script will play out each time.

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