Manchester United vs Crystal Palace: Preview and Prediction



Manchester United vs Crystal Palace preview and prediction from Auyash Dureha

Manchester United has not had a good start to its Premier League campaign. With Swansea, Chelsea and Liverpool, United have faced three of the most threatening attacks in the league. United was slightly cautious in going forward in all the games. Had the finishing of its strikers been as clinical as it was against Swansea, the team would have been higher up the table.

But that shouldn’t be a major concern for the fans at the moment. These are still early days for David Moyes, who has been handed a difficult list of fixtures in the first couple of months. The thing that will concern the United fans most is the “Late Comeback” factor, or rather, the lack of it.

Despite needing to score a goal in both the previous games, United players were not seen making that final push which we regularly witnessed during Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign. The last minute goals and comebacks are a part of the club’s DNA and the new manager has to ensure that his team retains the tradition of crossing the line in every situation.


Up next for Manchester United are one of the new entrants to the Premier League, Crystal Palace. United would want to improve upon an unimpressive show against Chelsea in front of its supporters. David Moyes could be pardoned for being slightly tactical in the previous home game, but he must allow the players to express themselves and re-impose the philosophy of attractive football.

Crystal Palace is coming to Old Trafford on the back of an impressive win against Paulo Di Canio’s Sunderland. Palace was marginally worse off than its opponents in terms of possession, but easily outscored Sunderland on total attempts on goal. Ian Holloway’s teams have a history of playing attacking football, regardless of the opposition. United will not expect anything different.

Moyes will be without the injured striker Wayne Rooney for this game but has plenty of other options to fill his boots. The challenge for the manager lies in keeping his players fresh for the upcoming games against Bayer Leverkusen and Manchester City. This is where squad strength comes in and Moyes will most likely give rest to certain players who were part of the recently held World Cup qualifiers. This fixture also allows Wilfried Zaha to finally make his much awaited Old Trafford appearance. Zaha’s inclusion in the team will not be a complete surprise as the youngster is quite familiar with the playing style of his former team-mates and can be a useful asset on either of the wings.

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace Probable XI
De Gea

Jones     Evans    Vidic    Evra

Carrick     Fellaini

Zaha                                          Young

RVP       Welbeck

United will be confident about getting all three points against Holloway’s team and in all likelihood they will not come out disappointed. However, Moyes must ensure that the players remain fresh for the next two games which could play a major role in shaping up Manchester United’s European and domestic season.

Prediction: Manchester United 3 Crystal Palace 0

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  1. Chinedu Godson says:

    Utd 3 vs cp 0

  2. I strongely agreed with the prediction man u 3 crystal 0

  3. ayorbami onifade says:

    mancheser united will by 4 goals to 0

  4. agree with the line-up. ManU 4 CP 1

  5. MNU 3, CP 0.

  6. Why most you choose young ahead of kagawa

  7. I lov united all d player are great but will need kagawa in d team moye pls.

  8. United 5 – 0 Palace
    Brace from van persie and Chicharito…

  9. moyes ashley young is not talented take him sell to crystal palace.Bring some one like Ander Hererra.


  11. Pls includ Nani, kagawa and chichalito in the team and beat CP 7-0

  12. We need kagawa in our sqard moyes

  13. Mohammed ibrahim says:

    With kagawa united wil win

  14. He shld include kagawa in d lineup & bring in nani later(he’s just returning from injury)

  15. De Gea

    Jones Evans Vidic Evra

    Carrick Fellaini
    Zaha Nani

    RVP Chicha

  16. Livingstone Abdulkarim says:

    Hello Moyes, please, y Young instead of Kagawa?

  17. Were is kagawa for heavens sake y is he not in the lineup

  18. Dgear

    Jones. Fadinad. Vidic. Evera

    Cleverly/Carrick. Ando/Fellaini

    Ando/roney/januzag / Kagawa

    Valencia /Zaha/RVP. Rooney /RVP/chcha. Welbeck/nani/young
    Dis is d best 4mation for manutd if we want 2 go far dis season. 4 2 1 3 formation

  19. Thanks for your comments. I didn’t include Kagawa in the starting XI because he will be needed for the Leverkusen game on Tuesday. Playing him for full 90 mins agnst Palace may not be adviseable between the international games and chamPions league game

  20. Abolore ibitoye says:

    Man u 2 crs 0

  21. Man u 3 CP 0

  22. Emmanuel Kadam says:

    Pls Moyes don’t be centimental wat are u keeping Kagawa,zaha Januzaj for u know u have d wpns inhireted frm my Fr Fagie and dis guys are sharp i bliev they have an impact 2 united keepin dem out of d team is not enough remember united we stand divided we LOOSE so watchout United is Always a CHAMPIONs

  23. Line up.David,jones,vidic,evans,evra.carrick,felamini,kagawa,nani/zaha,van persi and welbeck

  24. Thanks for comment. I haven’t included Nani in the line-up for the same reason i haven’t included Kagawa. 2 away games for Portugal and tough next 2 fixtures. I would start Nani in the game agnst Man City as he usually does well agnst them.

  25. herman ivan says:

    we need kagawa, nani, and hernadez included BOSS

  26. Seen: united 5 cp 0,
    pls let kagawa stay in d squad we nid him

  27. 4 goal to 0

  28. United 5 Cp 0
    pls kip kagawa, we nid him in d squad

  29. ridiculous moyes will always start british shit over hyped stupid and usless players ahead of WORLD CLASS kagawa and RISING STAR januzaj… Guys just believe me moyes is soooooooooo over baised and verrrrrrrrrryyyy STUPID.

  30. why young ahead of kagawa?

  31. 1.De gea jones Evans vidc Evra carrkc fellain kagawa
    Nani Rvp welbk

  32. Man u 4 crystal 0

  33. De Gea

    Jones , Ferdi , Vidic , Evra


    Nani , Fellaini


    R.V.P , Rooney

    Anywhere in the world, No matter what team they would play against, The team i just layed out now will win.. There’s flair, Creativity , strenght … You name it…

    Subs : Ando
    Subs : Adnaan
    Subs : Zaha
    Subs : Evans
    Subs : Lindengard

  34. jenaro maluec

  35. anderson,nani,kagawa,zaha n lingaud shld cal to da team plz moyes no more carrick,young n giggs

  36. Hi boss moyes we need hernladez to play against this team

  37. well, to me, i tink united need somebody like kagawa in dat team, he is a creative player so moyes should include he.

  38. Appreciate the comments. I’m certain that the wish of majority (of having Kagaws in starting XI) shall be fulfilled for midweek’s game :)

  39. Man u 2-0 cp says:

    Moyes includ nani en kagawa in de squad

  40. Since majority of please are please with kagawa, I will like to go by this formation. d. Gea. Rafael/jones. Evans/fadinad. Vidic. Evra. Nani/zaha. Felaini. Carrick. Welbeck/kagawa. K. Rooney/kagawa. V.P/ chicarito

  41. david macheda karshi Abj says:

    man utd 3 – Cry p 1, if moyes play De dea, valencia, smalling, vidic, Evra,carrick,fellaini,nani,saha,kagawa,van persie

  42. I have red all u coments but let us give he a chce up to smmy with ful othuret over manu

  43. Why? The linup for only choice Giges, I tink Giges is alegend b/t at this time kagawa is best p/s start X| De Gea, rafa, evans, vida, evera nani,felani,karic,kagawa,roony, vanpersi

  44. We olways need kagawa, nani, zaha in d team nt giggs, young nd Anderson…..

  45. De geal Rafeal Ferdinand Vidic Evra Nani/valencia Carrick Fellaini Kagawa RVp ROney dis ix a perfect red devilx championx fire force..Man u 4 cr 0

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