Poll: 67% think David Moyes should be sacked by season’s end



David Moyes should be gone by May. That’s what 67% of an ESPN FC Sports Nation poll believe should happen. 29.2% believe Manchester United should sack him right now. Only a third of the 45,130 respondents believe David Moyes should be allowed to stay at Old Trafford.

David Moyes seemed rather calm, confident and self-assured at his press conference today however. Whether his job is secure or not, he conveyed the most emotion of a man who feels secure in his position.

“The biggest assurance is that I’m still here on the job. We talked about the future, we’ve made big plans, that’s why this is a six year contract,” he said.

David Moyes talked about how big of a club Manchester United is. Perhaps it’s truly too big for him?

Moyes is talking about his six year deal and his future down the line. He should hope he makes it through next week. ESPN FC’s soccer power index gives the Red Devils just an 18% chance of pulling off the series win over Olympiacos. So with Champions League elimination likely imminent, and an upcoming Manchester Derby that no one will expect David Moyes to win….his future his rather cloudy. The poll reflects that.


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  1. Up man u.is not my wish dat moyes should go,but if dat wil stop d calamity befaling d club let it b so becos,it seems d players wish 2 play their heart but dey dont hav respect 4 him.

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