VIDEO: ex Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez pleads case to FIFA


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Liverpool fans have had plenty of time to get over the transfer of Luis Suarez to Barcelona, but I’m sure they’re still interested in what will become of him now. In both club and country. The striker may be in La Liga now, and he was sent off from the Premier League in disgrace, but he still is dealing with his suspension and ban.

Well, Suarez went to FIFA to try and appeal his case.

Here’s footage of Luis Suarez attempting to get his ban cut in half. We’ll see what happens

And since we brought up Suarez, and the LFC supporters that used to adore him.

Take a look at this Vine below. I know I know, very immature and very counter-productive of the part of this supporter of The Reds.

Do not try this at home.

It’s pretty awful the way Luis Suarez bit an opposing Italian defender in the World Cup- his third biting offense. It’s very awful the way Suarez has hurled racial epithets at opponents and the way he…well, you know what Luis Suarez is. It’s more than just “having some demons to face” or “issues to work out.” However, burning his kit doesn’t help things. You’d be better off giving the shirt to someone in need of clothing. And FIFA shouldn’t reduce the ban. That doesn’t help things either.

I felt the punishment was too lenient enough as it is. Don’t reduce it further.

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