#8 Nebraska Cornhuskers: College Football 77 in 77

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  1. Northwestern Shocks Top 10 Nebraska on The Road 28-25 | Chicago Sports Guru says:

    […] underperformed on defense. But, to the disbelief of most, Northwestern outplayed the physical Cornhuskers, and stole the win in […]

  2. #12 Penn State vs. #19 Nebraska: Darkest Game Preview Story Ever | Chicago Sports Guru says:

    […] Cornhuskers […]

  3. Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Ohio State Buckeyes: Brutally Honest Game Preview | Chicago Sports Guru says:

    […] PSU, yes they were game at home last week in spite of all the distractions. They gave the Huskers all they could handle, but that was at home in their insulated little bubble. Don’t overlook the […]

  4. […] in Nebraska are insane about college football. This is not exactly breaking news. Cornhuskers fans are beyond obsessed; we’ve known that for awhile, but you don’t realize how obsessed until […]

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