#69 Duke Blue Devils: College football 77 in 77



Wait the Duke Blue Devils play football? Really, there’s a college football team in Durham? Yes, they even made a 5th tier bowl game last year too. Sometimes the Blue Devils don’t make the cut for the college football 77 in 77. There’s a whole lot of ACC in the 70s and 60s ranked teams; and a ton of basketball schools. Duke is usually down here in the dregs with Syracuse, Kentucky, Boston College, Indiana, Virgina, every season. It’s b-ball schools and ACC; or both.

However, I called it in my 77 in 77 last year: Duke will make a bowl game! And they did. Will it happen again?


Duke Blue Devils last season: the picture of  mediocrity, 6-7, 3-5 in a very very weak conference. They were close enough to dead last in college football in total defense. How come Dickie V. or Duke Vitale isn’t a huge homer for Duke football? Oh, yeah, right. The Duke Blue Devils only made their fourth tier bowl because they scheduled so soft. Just like they always do. UM got destroyed in Big Ten play.

Duke Blue Devils reasons to get EXCITED! ALL CAPS! Uhm, maybe by looking ahead to 2014, 2015?? five starters return on defense, six on offense, and they were decent with the pass (5th in ACC, also 5th in league in total offense) last year. Of course, that would matter much more in the pass happy Pac-12 or Big-12. The ACC is a basketball conference; for the most part. I like the job David Cutcliffe does; I think he runs a solid program and makes the best of what’s around.

Duke Blue Devils reasons to get worried :(   Other than the forward pass what exactly does this team do well? Did you watch last season? The offense needs to learn how to run the ball and manage clock to keep that horrific run defense off the field. The Blue Devils surrendered 280 yards a game rushing in their last 5. You can’t beat an FCS team with numbers like that. Duke breaks in a new QB  And the kick off return game was really terrible last year.

Key games: August 31st vs. North Carolina Central, September 7th at Memphis. Ok, the non-con schedule is a total cupcake jokefest yet again this year. They could very easily go 3-1 out of the league again. And then also loose all their league games as the ACC is somewhat improved. I know, you’ve heard this song before.

North Carolina Nov 30th. The Duke fight song contains the lyrics “Carolina goodnight.” Ooooooohhhhh. what trash talk. It’s so esteemed and gentlemanly. Why don’t they just change it to “I bid you good fortune in the manifestation of your American football match! Huzzah to the superior squadron!” The Georgia Tech fight song actually has balls it says “TO HELL WITH GEORGIA” in ALL CAPS! So you know they really mean it. The Crimson Tide fight song has cajones too; with “send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave.”

What the hell is going with college football fight songs in Dixie? Since the Civil War is over.

Duke Blue Devils bottom line: With their pillow top mattress like soft schedule, 4-8 is your worst case. A bowl bid probably won’t happen. No matter how it goes, they’ll still be a pretty mediocre team.

Key & Peele East/West College Bowl Roster: WR Jamison Crowder (“ohhhh let the Jamison sink in”) RG Laken Tomlinson, LT Takoby Cofield, DT Sydney Sarmiento, S Jeremy Cash, QB Mackenzie Sovereign, CB Hud Mellencamp,
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