2018 NFL Mock Draft 5-18-17


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Order was based on an amalgam of NFL power rankings from across the internet. If you have issue with the order, well so do many others. That’s what the comments section is for! Just keep it above board and professional in your criticism.

Team needs were not taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft as it’s just too early. 2017 NFL Draft picks were mostly not taken into account for our projections.

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2017 NFL mock draft 12-22-16


In our 2017 NFL mock draft, we based the order on the actual current order as of December 21st, with some good help from our friends at NFL Trade Rumors.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, as team needs are a very fluid situation. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings, Happy Kwanza, Joyous Hannukah, Joy Noel, Make the Yuletide gay and a warm festivus for the rest of us.

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“Screw Him”: Dallas Cowboys Teammate on Randy Gregory

randy gregory

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Randy Gregory has certainly had his chances to make it in the NFL.

He’s consistently blown them. We see now why he took such a Brady Quinn-Johnny Manziel-Rashard Mendenhall level downward slide on his NFL Draft night.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport on the Randy Gregory failed drug test and suspension:

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B1G Basketball Power Rankings: Every Team as a Past or Present Presidential Candidate

hillary clinton

It’s November 8th B1G basketball fans! Huzzah, if you’re reading this it means that we actually made it through the strangest, ugliest and most low brow election cycle in the history of our glorious democracy. Election Day fell on the latest possible day that it possibly could, and that’s unfortunate, given how one poll showed that 13% of respondents preferred a meteor hitting the Earth to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

Hey, it’s all over tomorrow and then we can all move on to other past times like college hoops, which tips off its season on Friday.

Viva la Revolucion!

american-flag-star spangled banner

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Wisconsin Football Take Aim at Stamping Out Hatred, Bigotry


UPDATE: This past Sunday, we wrote the following column below calling out the Wisconsin football program for not going as far as they could in dismissing the disgusting racist fan who attended last weekend’s game dressed as President Barack Obama with a noose around his neck.

While we acknowledge that UW did everything totally correct to the letter of the law in handling this bigoted buffoon, they didn’t do everything that was morally right.

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Nebraska Basketball Mired in Mediocrity (Big Ten Preview)


In losing their top two scorers from a year ago, the Nebraska basketball program figures to once again struggle in the Big Ten. [Read more…]

Illini Football Game Preview vs #15 Nebraska Cornhuskers


Nebraska football fans suffered mightily last season, but the football gods seem to be rewarding their indefatigable faith this season. Yes, Husker fans had their heart ripped out on numerous occasions last season, but they still went to a bowl game and finished with a record that can be classified as mediocre.


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Tommy Armstrong, Nebraska Run Over Northwestern Very Ho Hum

tommy armstrong jr

Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Tommy Armstrong continues cementing his position as the school’s greatest statistical quarterback ever. He’s re-writing the University of Nebraska offensive record book. He threw for 246 yards tonight, in a 24-13 win at Northwestern, increasing his career total to 7,622 yards. Entering the game, he had already broken the previous record of 7,258 yards held by Taylor Martinez. 

He also added 132 yards rushing tonight, giving his 378 of total offense for the evening. He’s now just 1,023 yards of total offense away from breaking the school record currently, also held by Martinez (10,233). Expect Tommy Armstrong to reach those marks by late October, early November.

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#20 Nebraska Football Game Preview vs Northwestern Wildcats


This summer, Nebraska football was definitely at a crossroads; worthy of a Hollywood drama. As I wrote in my B1G preseason predictions and preview for RedEye:

The Huskers have the talent to win the division, but they need to watch Al Pacino’s “Any Given Sunday” speech: “Either we heal, as a team, or we’re going to crumble, inch by inch, play by play, ’til we’re finished.”

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All B1G Teams as Simpsons characters: Michigan Wolverines =Mr. Burns


Today kicks off B1G Media Days and your Michigan Wolverines are now deemed the league favorite. Actually, some sports books have ascribed UM the National Championship favorite. Ok, that’s a bit presumptive! Yes, we know that the media fawns over Jim Harbaugh more than they fawn over any other individual, but I still don’t know how we really got here on that one.

Of course, I also have no idea how a casino magnate with three wives and a disturbing tendency to publicly lust over his own daughter became the Presidential nominee of the political party dominated by the religious right, as 2016 is truly bizarro world.

How did we get here? The last time the Michigan Wolverines were last nationally relevant in 2006 and their most recent title came in 1997.

michigan wolverines basketball

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Tragedy Means Nebraska Football Won’t Attend B1G Media Days


Nebraska football just announced moments ago that they will not participate in Big Ten Media Days tomorrow and Tuesday. The decision is made with heavy hearts as an automobile crash over the weekend claimed the life of NU punter Sam Foltz.

Former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler was also killed Saturday night, in the same car wreck that occurred as the duo returned home from a kicking camp in Wisconsin.

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College Football Award Watch Lists: Just Please Stop Already!

college football

Yesterday kicked off, as the great Elvis Costello sang, “the other side of summer.” That’s because Tuesday July 5th initiated the evil scourge that is College Football Award Watch List Season. These pointless press releases are sent out as breaking “news.”

Not only does the journalist receive the email blasts from the award and college football organization themselves, every single school sends out their own individual email blast themselves. Now you cannot blame the SIDs for this. It’s not their fault and don’t shoot the messenger.

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