2016 NBA Mock Draft-Second Round (6/23/16)


The 2016 NBA Draft Lottery takes place Tuesday evening so the draft order will be official then.  Here is a look at the second round of The Sports Bank’s 2016 NBA Mock Draft. [Read more…]

Derrick Rose Traded For Lopez, Calderon and Grant: Stats and Statements

Critiquing the Derrick Rose as Jesus Public Art Project

derrick rose knees vigil

Editor’s note: In the wake of today’s HUGE news, the Derrick Rose trade, we felt in necessary to republish this essay from April 2015. Enjoy-

We can safely assume that whoever created the Derrick Rose as Jesus Christ mural in Chicago was doing it ironically. The public wall painting, complete with tears of pain and a crown of thorns…”can’t be serious.”

We know that creepy, dysfunctional obsession with sports figures runs rampant in America; especially so in Chicago. Therefore this public art project analogizing the Chicago Bulls point guard to a popular Messianic figure is probably tongue-in-cheek.

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Derrick Rose TRADED to the New York Knicks: Instant Analysis


If they could help it, you knew the Chicago Bulls wouldn’t head into 2016-17 with both Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler on the roster. Whether Rose and Butler get along or not, how believable those rumors are, or what you define “getting along” to be, they no longer co-exist that well on the court together. 

Both are a quasi-alpha dog, and you just can’t have two alpha dogs in the same backcourt. Butler may have more trade value, but Derrick Rose is the one who’s moving on, as Chicago has sent him to the New York Knicks.

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Chicago Bulls 2016 NBA Draft Mocksourcing


The 2016 NBA Draft is just days away! Huzzah! Here’s the link to our latest NBA mock draft.

ESPN will televise the 2016 NBA Draft on Thursday, June 23, at 7 p.m. ET. In advance of what is annually always one of our favorite days on the sports calendar, we crowdsourced the Chicago Bulls selections from our most favorite and most trusted NBA mock drafts on the internet. In other words, we did some mocksourcing.

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Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons Swap Cameron Bairstow and Spencer Dinwiddie


This is the kind of trade that pundits and sports talk radio guys would call…well, that’s just mean, the phrase that’s commonly used for these types of deals. You already know it, so I’m not going to bother repeating it. The point is, as Kent Brockman would say on The Simpsons, “this barely qualifies as news.”

Hey, it’s a trade between two big NBA brand name franchises and it’s official- so that’s something.

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The Chicago Bears are Uruguay and 7 more Copa America Analogies



Copa America Centenario kicks off tomorrow and we got on the analogy kick (pun intended) by matching a local Chicago sports franchise with one of the teams in the United States’ Group A and Mexico’s Group B. The Chicago Bears are Uruguay, the Cubs are the USA, the Blackhawks are Mexico.

To read why and how pick up a Chicago Tribune RedEye edition today, or click on this link hereAccording to the ESPN FC Soccer Power Index, America has the second best shot at getting out of group A. Here are the SPI percentage projections for advancing out of Group A and into the knockout round:

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Michael Jordan Got Preferential Treatment, Claims Tim Donaghy


Michael Jordan was the greatest of all time. There is no question about that. Still, there was a bit of a Hulk Hogan WWE style feel to the end of some of his games. Maybe that’s the wrong analogy. Perhaps it’s more Bruce Willis action movie style. You always knew Michael Jordan was going to win, but you always tuned in to see how.

Kind of like how you watched Bruce Willis movies to see what weapons he used, or Hulk Hogan wrestling matches to see how he finished off his opponents.

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Chicago Bulls Need Major Change; Say Prominent NBA Figures


Replacing Tom Thibodeau with Fred Hoiberg was a move the Chicago Bulls definitely did not need to make, and now it’s come back to bite them badly. Hoiberg has certainly become the Bulls version of what Marc Trestman was to the Chicago Bears.

In both cases, the team brought in a guy who never really accomplished enough to merit being given the gig in the first place.

Both coaches were hailed as offensive geniuses, but we haven’t really seen a truly elite offense take hold. As for defense, well that’s was like UFOs, poltergeists, the Loch Ness monster etc.- we can’t confirm actual existence of that.

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Jay Williams Believes Chicago Bulls Should “Start Over” (Exclusive)


“It might be time to start over, Chicago fans may hate me for saying that, but when something doesn’t work and continues not to work, it’s time to say ‘OK, we need to make some changes,” said ESPN Analyst and Former Chicago Bulls Guard Jay Williams.

“Some legitimate changes and maybe go in a different direction,” Williams continued.

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Fred Hoiberg, Chicago Bulls Inspirational as Iowa St. Visits

fred hoiberg iowa state

Iowa State Coach Steve Prohm is in his first season with the program, having taken over for the Mayor Fred Hoiberg. Prohm’s predecessor took over for Tom Thibodeau as Chicago Bulls Head Coach, and it’s been a rough year in the house that Michael Jordan built.

Fred Hoiberg is having a rough debut year, and the Bulls have fallen all the way down to the point of being on the outside looking in regarding the NBA postseason.

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Chicago Bulls Should Begin Roster Blow-Up Process

chicago bulls

At this point, Jimmy Butler and Bobby Portis should be the only Elliot Ness level individuals (“Untouchables”) on this Chicago Bulls roster. Everybody else should be considered movable. It’s a shame no business was done by the NBA trade deadline last week because it’s time for the Bulls to blow this thing up by the summer and start the rebuilding process.

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