Campaign to keep Fred Hoiberg at Iowa St. raises only $20

Fred Hoiberg Iowa State

Is Fred Hoiberg leaving Iowa State to become the next Chicago Bulls Head Coach? Does a bear defecate the woods?

The Bulls desire to dismiss Tom Thibodeau was the worst kept secret of the 2014-15 NBA season. The rift between Thibs and the front office was been common knowledge for years. The Bulls “coaching search” is done. It’s one name long, and we’ve all known it since February.

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Fred Hoiberg favorite to replace Tom Thibodeau

tom thibodeau chicago bulls

Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg is the favorite to be Tom Thibodeau’s replacement, reports ESPN’s Marc Stein. Hoiberg has been rumored to Chicago for a very long time and was recently quoted as stating that his dream is to coach in the NBA.

If Hoiberg doesn’t happen, and there’s no reason to believe it shouldn’t, then the replacement for Thibs is likely to be former Bulls assistant Adrian Griffin.

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Chicago Bulls championship window closed; so now what?

chicago bulls etwaun moore

As long as Lebron James is healthy and in his prime, the Chicago Bulls are not going to the NBA Finals any time soon. You knew that before the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers series, but denial kept you from acknowledging it. The Bulls won’t get past Lebron next year or the year after that; unless you have a plate tectonic shift in the NBA.

Yes, the NBA Eastern Conference is the AAA affiliate of the Western Conference, which gives the Bulls a chance, but hey, there’s still that Lebron guy.

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Michael Jordan over Lebron poll proves AMERICA IS DUMB


Lots of people in America are REALLY DUMB. Many are dumb enough to think climate change isn’t real (looking at you Senator James Inhofe, Chairman of the Environmental committee). A lot of other people are dumb to think evolution isn’t real and the Earth is only 6,000 years old (looking at you L.A. Clippers Power Forward and Creationist Blake Griffin)

Then you have a lot of Americans who believe Michael Jordan would beat Lebron James in a game of one-on-one RIGHT NOW! Not when both were in their prime, but right now.

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Pelicans favorite to land Tom Thibodeau; Magic main competition

tom thibodeau chicago bulls

When Tom Thibodeau is officially let go from the Chicago Bulls it will surprise……no one. Seriously, everyone knows this is coming. Even in the inhabited caves of Tora Bora on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border they’re thinking that Tom Thibodeau is not returning to the Bulls.

Well, okay, they probably don’t follow the NBA much in remote, semi-civilized areas controlled by terrorists, but you get the idea. Thibodeau and GarPax don’t get along, it’s been well documented for years, so he’ll be shown the door soon.

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Cardale Jones needs to congratulate Joakim Noah on his citizenship award


Ohio State QB Cardale Jones needs to let go of his beef with Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah. 

Behold the video below:

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What’s your Chicago Bulls Mt. Rushmore? Win a Derrick Rose jersey!

derrick rose


It all comes down to Game 6, and I know all of you will be watching the game on ESPN. But what if you prefer a different announcing crew?

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VIDEO: John Oliver parodies Chicago Bulls pregame intros


John Oliver struck gold again last night. Before we get to him, we need to remind the reader of the origination of this segment. The Chicago Bulls were THE FIRST NBA team to dim their lights and play loud pump-up music during the introduction of the starting lineup at home games.

Other teams around the league soon followed suit. Then it spilled over into other sports. During the Bulls’ dynasty, the player introductions became world famous. Thousands of weddings during the early and mid ’90s ripped off the Bulls intro when trotting out the bridal party.

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Nikola Mirotic: Chicago Bulls crucial, unsung hero


Chicago Bulls stretch four Nikola Mirotic finished second in the Rookie of the Year Award voting.  Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers finished third. The Minnesota Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins took home the award.  I broke down all the top rookies for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition. You can read that whole piece here. 

NBA on TNT Analyst Webber on Nikola Mirotic: “He’s a scorer. You do not want him feeling it going back home with those crazy Chicago fans and that loud stadium. You want to try and keep that foot on the neck, especially on his confidence.”

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Jimmy Butler among best overall two-way players in NBA


Jimmy Butler has emerged this season to become one of the better shooting guards in the NBA. He’s developed a tremendous offensive game to complement his always been there stellar defensive skills. His stock has risen so much this season that he’ll likely receive a max contract from some team (if not the Bulls, then somebody else) this offseason.

He’s basically to the Chicago Bulls what Marian Hossa is to the Chicago Blackhawks- a very talented two-way player who flies under the radar for some reason.

Yesterday was Butler’s Most Improved Player award acceptance ceremony. He was asked about his future in Chicago.

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Bulls vs. Cavs Game 2, best and worst NBA punditry


Game two of the de facto Eastern Conference Finals is tonight, and you’ve probably heard enough of the same exact talking points over and over again, even though we’ve only completed one game.

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Charles Barkley previews Bulls-Cavs, the “real Eastern Conf Finals”


Charles Barkley said it best; the Chicago Bulls versus the Cleveland Cavaliers is “the real eastern conference finals,” adding “we got screwed that Bulls vs Cavs is in the next round and not in the conference finals.”

So let’s get it on.

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