Can Dwyane Wade Reinvent Himself This Season?

dwyane wade

“In New York you can be a new man. In New York you can be a new man.” It’s one of the more catchy lines from the title song to Hamilton, a musical absolutely owning Chicago right now.

Hamilaria has actually spread far beyond just the Windy City, as #HamilDocPBS was the #1 trending term nationally on Twitter all of Friday night.

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LAPD Detective Investigating Derrick Rose Rape Case Found Dead

lapd dead detective home

The Derrick Rose gang rape case took yet another serious turn this morning. The former Chicago Bulls and current New York Knicks point guard has maintained his innocence throughout this process. On Friday, it came out that Rose received text messages from the alleged victim telling the 2011 NBA MVP that he is the reason she “wakes up horny.”

Derrick Rose made those revelations as a means to convey that he assumed he had been given stated sexual content.

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Bulls G/F Denzel Valentine was Named After Denzel Washington


“A body like Arnold with a Denzel face,” Salt n Pepa rapped in their 1993 hit “What a man.” They’re referring to actors Arnold Schwarznegger and Denzel Washington, and it turns out the latter has indeed inspired a namesake who’s gone on to become famous in his own right.

Denzel Valentine is the only other Denzel that anyone has ever heard of; that’s not a coincidence. The argument is now settled.

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Lovie Smith, Dwyane Wade Encourage Athlete Social Activism

Pat Riley Has Heartfelt E-Mail to Dwyane Wade in Drafts Folder

dwyane wade

Obviously, it was a bitter divorce between Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat.

However, Heat team President Pat Riley is taking steps to try and heal those wounds. Riley said Monday, Media Day for most teams around the NBA, that he composed a very heartfelt email message for Dwyane Wade and that it’s currently in his “save drafts” folder.

Riley said the electronic missive will soon be on its belated way to D. Wade, the last of the big three to leave Miami.

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Derrick Rose Maintains Innocence Regarding Gang Rape Allegations


It’s the official start of basketball talking season as most NBA teams held their individual Media Days on Monday. It’s the first Chicago Bulls Media Day without Derrick Rose since 2007, as the point guard was traded to the New York Knicks in June. At the time, many thought the Bulls got fleeced on that deal, but it was still easy to understand why Chicago was looking to part ways with the controversial, injury prone locally produced star.

Exactly one year ago today, the hometown hero pretty much punched his ticket out of town when he made very strange, self-defeating remarks at Chicago Bulls Media Day. 

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Chicago Bulls Back in Conference Mix, Say Bookies


The Chicago Bulls made some wholesale changes this summer and the Basketball betting industry has certainly taken notice. Chicago did some major deals this offseason and it’s lifted the team up considerably. Finishing out of the playoffs and in the NBA Draft Lottery last season, they know look like a squad that cold finish fourth or fifth in the Eastern Conference.

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Chicago Bulls Announce Paul Zipser Signing; Who is He?


As the 2016 NBA Draft progressed, more obscure and strange sounding names were called. Sir Winston Churchill once famously said:  ‘Everybody has a right to pronounce foreign names as he chooses’. Although Churchill’s quip wouldn’t fly in today’s ultra-pc culture, you could see many NBA fans embodying that zeitgeist in the advanced stages of the draft.

In every draft, most NBA fans have the “who?!” reaction to many of the picks in the 40s and 50s. This draft was so weak that the reflex started happening in the 20s and 30s.

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GM Gar Forman Articulates the Chicago Bulls Master Plan (Audio)


Chicago Bulls GM Gar Forman just landed one of the biggest NBA free agents of the entire summer in Dwyane Wade. However, the fan base wasn’t happy about it to say the least. There was a huge social media backlash against the move Wednesday night. Fans weren’t thrilled about the Rajon Rondo signing on Fourth of July either.

Are the Bulls actually picking a lane here? Do they have a direction? Is it “a retooling” like Gar Forman always says, and not “a rebuild?

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Rajon Rondo Lists Bulls Roster Hierarchy; Somewhat Contradicts Himself

rajon rondo

“The main thing is that we have three alphas. There will be three alphas on the team,” newly minted Chicago Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo told reporters today. He was referring to himself, Jimmy Butler and just announced signing Dwyane Wade. 

“Just trying to mesh together and try to make sure we are doing the best thing for the team,” Rondo said before later contradicting himself. The NBA leader in assists last season was asked who the big dog was going to be.  “Obviously it’s Jimmy’s team,” he responded.

“Jimmy’s the youngest, he’s the engine here. It’ll be Jimmy, Wade, and then it will be a pecking order.”

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Tre Demps Makes Chicago Bulls Summer League Roster


The Chicago Bulls announced their team which will participate in the 2016 Las Vegas Summer League.  This year’s #1 draft pick, #14 overall, Denzel Valentine out of Michigan State (the last pick in the lottery) headlines the roster, which includes fellow Spartan alumni Raymar Morgan.

Yes, the same Raymar Morgan who is balling with the Spartan Heroes (Michigan State Alumni) in “The Basketball Tournament.”

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Dwyane Wade to Chicago, 2 yrs, $47M, Bulls Twitter MELTS DOWN


Raise your hand if you’re a Chicago Bulls fan and you like the Dwyane Wade signing.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Frey? Frey?

Yes, the Dwyane Wade homecoming is now official, to the tune of two-years, $47 million deal. To make this work though, the Bulls had to also make some salary cap space clearing deals. Mike Dunleavy is out the door to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jose Calderon goes to the Lakers. There’s also been talk that the just signed Rajon Rondo could be on the move; potentially.

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