Who gets the last two Chicago Bulls roster spots?


Based on what we’ve seen in the first two Chicago Bulls preseason games, it appears we have a probably starting lineup in place. By looking at the starting fives that Coach Tom Thibodeau has used in both preseason tilts, and given how the minutes were allocated in those two games, it’s safe to assume that the Chicago Bulls depth chart looks like this:

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5 reasons the Chicago Bulls could beat the Cavs in the East


For all intents and purposes, the ‘experts’ have handed the Eastern Conference crown to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why wouldn’t they after an off-season in which they landed LeBron James and Kevin Love among others?

That’s just the way the Chicago Bulls like it as they thrive on going under the radar and developing into one of the best teams in the NBA almost covertly. There’s one thing Chicago wants to change this season though – regular season wins are nice, but it’s time to go deep in the playoffs. With the way things are shaping up, Bulls fans might just see a return to glory.

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Chicago Bulls sign E’Twaun Moore; local product, childhood fan

etwaun moore

E’Twaun Moore grew up a Chicago Bulls fan.

Today he joined the team.

The 6-4, 191 pound guard hails from East Chicago, Indiana, so this is literally “living the dream.” Moore worked out at the Berto Center (the Bulls’ practice facility in Deerfield, IL) right before the NBA Draft, and The Sports Bank asked him then what kind of feedback the Bulls gave him.

“Told me to be myself and try to get as strong as I can,” Moore said.

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VIDEO: big Chicago Bulls fan also a ruthless Islamist Terrorist

chicago bulls

Wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t report the news that didn’t wasn’t so flattering to my hometown teams. Here’s some press that won’t be making any Chicago Bulls press releases any time soon.

Of course, it’s certainly not the Bulls fault that a horrible human being of this sort happens to fall into the “big tent” that is their fan base. When you’re a huge international brand like the Chicago Bulls, you’re bound to attract some “miscreants, losers and riff raff” as Keith Olbermann would say.

Or in this case the occasional murderous terrorist jihadist.
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Michael Jordan and three other athletes who came home again


LeBron James and his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers sent seismic waves through the NBA and the Twittersphere. He’ll return not only to his old team but also to his old number, once again donning jersey No. 23.

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Thankfully Football Saves Us From Football

Stephen A.Smith

Everything gets pushed aside for the start of NFL training camps.

Is Kevin Love getting traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Not nearly as important as a cocky, highly questionable rookie quarterback for the lowly Cleveland Browns. The size of the most recent Jose Abreu home run? Psshh.

Was it bigger than Jay Cutler’s new shaggin’ wagon?

Much like the way the commencement of baseball Spring Training fills us with a sort of revitalizing vigor every year, this version of the start of the NFL season (not to be confused with the draft or minicamp or the Hall of Fame Game or your team’s first preseason game or the third preseason game that’s like almost real football or the Thursday game of Week 1 or Sunday of Week 1 the next week) stirs up those savage desires to watch controlled violence.

Football makes everything better.

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Chicago Bulls Pau Gasol is very interested in medical science

pau gasol trade

I was courtside for the last time Pau Gasol suited up for the Los Angeles Lakers. It was the evening the Lakers debuted their black “Hollywood Nights” uniforms. What a way for Gasol to go out, a home blow-out loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, the laughing stock of the NBA. Actually, the Bucks are so bad they might be a laughingstock in the ACC. And on New Year’s Eve no less.

Today Pau Gasol was formally introduced to the media as a member of the Chicago Bulls. And his press conference was, exactly how most of these types of press conferences usually go: platitudes, cliches, making nice….and other yawn inducing discussion. It’s mostly the fault of the PR handlers and agents, although media don’t help the situation because they often ask pointless, boring softball questions.

However, one reporter asked Pau Gasol an interesting question and it led to a very interesting narrative.

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Real Madrid addition Nikola Mirotic upgrades Bulls forwards

Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic is now in the second city today . He signed a deal worth $17 million over three years. And the Chicago Bulls paid more than $3 million for his buyout. He’ll probably play the role of a stretch four in the system of Coach Tom Thibodeau.

“I anticipate him spreading the floor,” said Coach Thibs today as Mirotic was unveiled to the media in Chicago today. That’s a very formidable front line now, when you combine Nikola with Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson. And with the amnesty of Carlos Boozer, the forwards will be automatically better on defense. And of course, if Nikola Mirotic plays hard nosed defense, he’ll fit right in.

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More Money For Sports In Brazil And Chicago, More Problems

world-cup-brazil-james rodriguez

Thing about television is that it only shows you the unpleasant and the uncomfortable when it makes for better theater. Rarely is such the case in viewing sports. Besides the actual game action, a national broadcast is going to feed you shots of local peculiarities and regional foodstuffs during timeouts.

Going in and out of commercials you get the blimp views of the stadia amid a lit up downtown at night, stock footage of hustle and bustle during the daytime, and shots of some unique piece of architecture soundtracked by a song from and/or about whatever city the game is in. Oh, hey, look at the city-native-but-now-probably-expatriate celebrity in the stands totally trying to go unnoticed in that black baseball cap. (8,974 screenshots get tweeted.)

And Drake. There’s always Drake.

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Rick Telander Tied Chicago Violence To NBA Free Agency For Some Reason


He did it.

It wasn’t easy.

It took a lot of pandering, false parallels, unfair doling out of responsibilities, and a pinch of dog whistle, but Rick Telander managed to connect this city’s position in NBA free agency to the plague of gun violence here. It’s brilliant in its absurdity, magnificent in how dually counterproductive it is to both the topic of sports contracts and to people being murdered en masse.

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Why can’t the Chicago Bulls ever land big name free agents?


Carmelo Anthony is not coming to the Chicago Bulls, that’s just reality. They’re not getting Pau Gasol either. Lance Stephenson doesn’t fit the system. So your biggest name free agent addition would be Trevor Ariza or Chandler Parsons.

Sorry, Chicago Bulls fans, quoting 1990s 2-hit wonder The Rembrandts “that’s just the way it is baby.” You recall the hard core recruiting of Tracy McGrady- it didn’t turn out.

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Twitter reacts to Carmelo Anthony visiting the Chicago Bulls


Happy Carmelo Anthony visits Chicago day.

This isn’t the 2010 NBA free agent summer of love, but it’s still a great “silly season.” I truly get into this aspect of the league way more than the actual games. I love the business/transaction part of the NBA. As predictable and boring as this year’s NBA Finals, and Conference Finals were, my feelings are in the opposite for this year’s free agency period.

Now Carmelo Anthony has opted out of his contract with the early exit clause, let’s get this party started.

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