Nikola Mirotic: Chicago Bulls crucial, unsung hero


Chicago Bulls stretch four Nikola Mirotic finished second in the Rookie of the Year Award voting.  Nerlens Noel of the Philadelphia 76ers finished third. The Minnesota Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins took home the award.  I broke down all the top rookies for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition. You can read that whole piece here. 

NBA on TNT Analyst Webber on Nikola Mirotic: “He’s a scorer. You do not want him feeling it going back home with those crazy Chicago fans and that loud stadium. You want to try and keep that foot on the neck, especially on his confidence.”

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Jimmy Butler among best overall two-way players in NBA


Jimmy Butler has emerged this season to become one of the better shooting guards in the NBA. He’s developed a tremendous offensive game to complement his always been there stellar defensive skills. His stock has risen so much this season that he’ll likely receive a max contract from some team (if not the Bulls, then somebody else) this offseason.

He’s basically to the Chicago Bulls what Marian Hossa is to the Chicago Blackhawks- a very talented two-way player who flies under the radar for some reason.

Yesterday was Butler’s Most Improved Player award acceptance ceremony. He was asked about his future in Chicago.

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Bulls vs. Cavs Game 2, best and worst NBA punditry


Game two of the de facto Eastern Conference Finals is tonight, and you’ve probably heard enough of the same exact talking points over and over again, even though we’ve only completed one game.

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Charles Barkley previews Bulls-Cavs, the “real Eastern Conf Finals”


Charles Barkley said it best; the Chicago Bulls versus the Cleveland Cavaliers is “the real eastern conference finals,” adding “we got screwed that Bulls vs Cavs is in the next round and not in the conference finals.”

So let’s get it on.

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Joakim Noah seriously happy about visiting Cleveland


You’ll recall Joakim Noah making his infamous crack about the city of Cleveland in 2010. During a presser Noah joked about how he’s never heard anyone say they’re excited to go to Cleveland on vacation. He’s never heard of anyone being excited about visiting the metropolis on the shores of Lake Erie.

Well, maybe he never went down to the lakeshore where all the tourist sites are: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, the steamer, the submarine, museums etc.

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Pair of Michael Jordan game used shoes sell for $71,000


A pair of Michael Jordan game used shoes, not Nike Air Jordans, these actually pre-date Air Jordans sold for $71,000. We know that anything M.J. is still huge these days. His Airness has been retired for a very very long time, but he’s so huge that there’s always interest in anything Michael Jordan all the time.

Check out the video:

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Looking ahead to Lebron James vs. the Chicago Bulls


Six months ago, the media were highly anticipating the idea of two Central Division rivals, the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, being the last two teams standing out East.

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Charles Barkley previews Bulls vs Cavs playoff series


NBA on TNT Analyst Charles Barkley has cajones. This obviously is not news; Sir Charles has made a long, wonderful career of being the boldest, most outspoken sports figure in the American landscape. It’s been that way for awhile.

However, this is the first time I can remember Barkley previewing a playoff series between two teams that even STARTED their previous round series.

“Cleveland and Chicago are the best two teams in the Eastern Conference, and when they play in second round, that will be the Eastern Conference Finals,” Barkley said on media conference call today.

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Jalen Rose is right: NO MUSIC DURING LIVE PLAY at NBA games


Thank you Jalen Rose! This past week the ESPN NBA Analyst voiced the same argument I’ve been making for years. Whether you like college basketball or prefer the NBA instead, you have to concede that college hoops is superior when it comes to this one attribute.

At college games, whether it’s the marching band or it’s “Turn Down for What,” the music stops when play begins. There is no noise during the actual in game action. That’s how it should be.

Jalen Rose agrees.

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Critiquing the Derrick Rose as Jesus public art project

derrick rose knees vigil

We can safely assume that whoever created the Derrick Rose as Jesus Christ mural in Chicago was doing it ironically. The public wall painting, complete with tears of pain and a crown of thorns…”can’t be serious.”

We know that creepy, dysfunctional obsession with sports figures runs rampant in America; especially so in Chicago. Therefore this public art project analogizing the Chicago Bulls point guard to a popular Messianic figure is probably tongue-in-cheek.

Only the artist (s) know for sure what their intentions are/were, but this seems like Bucktown hipsters having fun at the expense of overzealous Bulls fans.

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2015 NBA Draft Early Entrants 4-24-15


The 2015 NBA Draft class is starting to shape up. Here is an updated list of underclassmen who have declared for the 2015 NBA Draft and where they could end up being selected, or those who have announced their intentions to return to school.

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Joakim Noah has funny Kris Bryant quip

joakim noah

Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah is a pretty good soundbite some times. As we’ve been inundated with Kris Bryant coverage all week, it’s next to impossible to say or write some thing about the Chicago Cubs super-prospect that hasn’t already been said hundreds of times by dozens of media personalities.

Bryant has only played two Major League games and already he’s been over-analyzed, meta-analyzed…and there’s been meta-analysis of his meta-analysis.

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