Michigan Wolverines season preview with Pollack and Palmer


Not high on the Michigan Wolverines? Can’t say I blame you- I’m not picking them to win the division, even with Ohio State down for the count now as Braxton Miller is out for the season.

Here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how Michigan football finds their identity. I joined them on media conference call yesterday to get an overall outlook on where the season could be headed.

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ESPN pundits on Notre Dame Football life under investigation


We don’t have any more updates about the scandal unfolding within Notre Dame football, but hey, we do have new uniforms! Look- shiny things!!!

Brian Kelly didn’t have anything to say Media Day regarding the investigation into academic cheating today, as it appears there really haven’t been any significant developments since Friday. We’ll keep you posted, in the meantime here’s ESPN’s Jesse Palmer and David Pollack discussing how ND football moves on from this latest saga.
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NY Jets Stephen Hill: another Mike Tannenbaum bust?


Mike Tannenbaum had a few successful trades, but he also had a few horrid ones. For as bad as the Mark Sanchez draft day trade looks now, the Jets still got two AFC Championship runs in return.

One Tannenbaum trade that looks to be the most haunting includes Georgia Tech wide receiver, Stephen Hill.

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Man United targeting Sami Khedira once again


The agent of Sami Khedira is very busy right now. The German national team star wants out of Real Madrid, and it looks like he’s going to get it. A move to the Premier League seems likely. He’s been heavily linked to Arsenal all summer. However, it appears Manchester United, Louis van Gaal and Ed Woodward are now keen on Khedira.

At least as a contingency plan. They’re definitely much more interested in Khedira’s teammate who’s also leaving Los Blancos, Angel Di Maria.

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Balotelli signing with Liverpool gives Arsenal sense of urgency


It doesn’t feel like Arsenal’s season has truly begun unless there is speculation over adding a striker to either replace or play alongside striker Olivier Giroud, but on Thursday, one of the Gunners’ primary rivals upped the ante in a big way on the North Londoners.

That’s because Liverpool, eager to replace Luis Suarez, paid a £26.5 million transfer fee for Italian striker Mario Balotelli, who returns to the Premier League after a tumultuous tenure at Manchester City. He has been a bit of a problem child wherever he goes, garnering numerous suspensions and tangling with managers from Roberto Mancini to Jose Mourinho wherever he has gone.

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PHOTO: fan changes name to Manchester United, gets face tattoo


It’s kind of sad that this guy has so little going on in his life. And he’s so delusional about where his life is really at. Take a look at this. Take it all in.

Let it all sink in for a minute.

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Richard Dent: Chicago Bears “defense can’t get worse”


The Chicago Bears defense can’t get any worse. I mean think of how terrible they looked at times last year. They re-wrote the record book, all in dubious fashion, says club legend and Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent.

One of the greatest defensive players in Bears history, “the sack man’s coming, you’re going to get bent, when you watch this video interview below.

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Danica Patrick: can she get on “Bristol” for her Bristol performance


There’s no question that the biggest accomplishments for Danica Patrick in her career have been of a publicity variety. She’s great at appearing “on Bristol,” and by that I mean she’s on ESPN, the World Wide leader in sports media, based in Bristol. But what about Bristol the racetrack?

Patrick and her team are now prepare for the Irwin Tools Night Race Saturday evening at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway.

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Manchester United are keen on Xabi Alonso again


Manchester United are considering a shock bid for former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso, who currently plays for Real Madrid, claims the Daily Express. 

In the January window, Chelsea, Liverpool and United were all in the race to sign Alonso when his contract expired. There were rumors that Xabi Alonso had agreed to a contract extension with Los Blancos, but it doesn’t see

Liverpool agree on Mario Balotelli deal for £16m

mario balotelli arsenal transfer rumors

Mario Balotelli wants  to force through a move out of AC Milan, and back to the Premier League. It appears he has just done so.  However, it’s not Arsenal, like we thought it would be, all summer long.  Nope, Mario Balotelli is on his way to Liverpool after his agent admits Serie A return was a mistake.

According to the BBC, the former Manchester City striker is on his way to Anfield.

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EXCLUSIVE: NFL Legend Deion Sanders Previews 2014 Season


It’s fitting that the NFL Network has both Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin as part of their on-air talent roster. Both of these phenomenal athletes helped define what today’s NFL truly is with their physical talents and outsized personalities. Sanders and Irvin (the exclusive with him is coming tomorrow, it will be posted in a “Prime Time” slot) established the precedent of what a National Football League superstar must be in today’s mass-marketed, mass media landscape.

To my younger readers, I hope you realize that without Neon Deion or Irvin, who came into the league at almost the exact time a quarter century ago, you just don’t have a Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis.

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Jenny Dell talks about her new NFL on CBS gig (Exclusive)


Within five minutes of meeting and speaking with Jenny Dell, one realizes that her personality is perfect for her new job. Dell has a genuine friendliness that will inspire mainstream appeal. Her down-to-Earth personality will resonate across all demographics.

When the New Orleans Saints take on “my” Indianapolis Colts in the Circle City on Saturday, (8:00 PM, ET), CBS Sports’ Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, and Jenny Dell will be the announcing team at Lucas Oil Stadium.

It’s Dell’s first assignment at the new gig since her controversial, highly publicized exit from NESN. As I learned in New York City on Monday, the career stock of Dell is trending upward; even more than shares of Dell Corporation on the New York Stock Exchange.

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