Jose Canseco, Bill Buckner Both Now Managing Independent League Teams

bill bucknercanseco


Big names always offer a special allure. That is why two of the most anticipated managerial debuts in some time in Independent Baseball have been drawing extra attention.  Add together their 4,592 major league hits and 636 home runs plus the side stories of Bill Buckner and Jose Canseco, and it is guaranteed they will produce headlines not just in Brockton, MA and Yuma, AZ, their respective managing haunts.

The very presence of Canseco and Buckner and about a dozen other sizeable major league names who lead Independent teams these days creates a buzz that is not easily captured in other ways.  That buzz, along with the credibility that one hopes comes along, helps not only their community but the entire league in which they work and, for that matter, the entire Indy world of more than 50 teams spread across the USA and Canada.


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