Detroit Red Wings win NHL record 21st at home


Somewhere within all the Jeremy Lin hysteria, and excitement for Kate Upton and Alex Morgan in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, (I use the word “excitement,” but could just have easily used a more NSFW word to describe the phenomena at hand) this NHL record became lost in the shuffle.

Chicago is not a hockey town, and when the local team sucks, (I’d say losing 9 in a row getting D level effort from the goalies, F level effort from the defensemen counts as sucking) talking hockey recedes. When the team’s traditional rival, the Detroit Red Wings (and that IS a hockey town) is kicking ass, hockey talk dissipates even further.

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Red Wings vs. Sharks will be Epic Conference Semifinals Series


The Detroit Red Wings held off any speculation as to their potential
demise by via a 4-game sweep of the Phoenix Coyotes. The Red Wings did
struggle down the regular season stretch and while they are the NHL’s
oldest team, they appeared to have “flipped the switch” during their 1st
Round Stanley Cup playoffs series against the Coyotes, winning by an
average margin of 2 goals/game.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks were engaged in a dogfight against the
Los Angeles Kings as the majority of the games went into overtime. In
fact, the goals scored for and against each team in the playoff series
was identical, so you can’t really get much more competitive than that.

By Ed Cmar

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