Top 5 reasons to root for the Netherlands in the World Cup Final

As even most non-soccer fans know, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will conclude on Sunday afternoon as the Netherlands takes on Spain for the right to call themselves World Champions. The match itself should be an exciting contest between two attacking sides, but it’s always more fun when you’re rooting for a team. So for those of you who can’t decide who to pull for in this clash; or for those of you who don’t feel informed enough to make a decision, here are five reasons to throw your support behind Netherlands:

1. Karma: The Dutch reached two World Cup finals in the 1970s but lost both, and are commonly labeled “the best team never to win a World Cup”. Those 70s squads were some of the most transcendent in soccer history, creating a whole new style called “Total Football” in which players could swap positions on the fly. In short, although their style isn’t quite as beautiful today, they’re past due for a World Cup triumph.
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