#48 Miami Hurricanes: College Football 77 in 77

miami hurricanes cheerleader

For the Miami Hurricanes it’s not all about the U. It’s all about the NCAA sanctions; which will be forthcoming. Last year’s shadiness and malfeasance was reminiscent of the 1980s and 1990s corruption. The Canes know how to “pay to play.” But unfortunately, it will keep them from prominence for awhile

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Notre Dame Football and Brian Kelly: How does this story end?

Notre Dame Stadium

Halfway through his second season at the pressure-packed helm of Notre Dame football, Brian Kelly has experienced horrible tragedy and made almost every mistake imaginable.

From the death of Declan Sullivan to horrible public admission that the players he recruited were on a different level than those he inherited, Kelly has done a lot in creating the minefield he has to navigate daily.

After finishing last season with a four-game winning streak and a lopsided bowl victory over one-time-rival Miami in the Sun Bowl, a lot was expected of the 2011 Fighting Irish.

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2002 versus 2010: OSU Edition

With The Ohio State University facing the University of Miami for the first time since the 2003 BCS National Championship game, the Buckeye nation has been infused with sweet nostalgic daydreams of the Buckeyes’ magical 2002 National Championship team. They were a fearless, tenacious, strong-willed bunch. And while they walked a tight rope over the abyss of defeat weekly, they were easy to love and harder to forget.

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