#66 Arizona Wildcats: College Football 77 in 77

arizona wildcats cheerleaders

The Arizona Wildcats made one of the biggest splashes this offseason by hiring Rich Rodriguez as their new coach. Optimism is high in Tucson. Does this mean it’s a college football school now instead of a college basketball University? Not so much. Both sports have been kind of down lately, and I don’t expect the football team to rebound this year.

Maybe RichRod has a plan, and maybe that plan will work in the wide open Pac-12, but not this year. He still doesn’t have enough talent. Plus he has a record of 9-23 during his first year at a school.

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#39 Arizona Wildcats: College Football 77 in 77

Arizona Wildcats cheerleaders

Get ready  for some “white collar football.” I figured since everyone calls run-oriented teams “blue-collar” (yes, it is an annoying cliche) I would call pass-oriented teams “white collar.” And the Arizona Wildcats were first in the Pac-12 in passing last year, 9th overall. And with the most talented WRs group in school history, and a NFL prospect QB in Nick Foles, they will be fun to watch. If they can keep Foles upright that is.

Total career starts among all returning OL- 1!

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