Wisconsin’s Tucker Fredricks Goes for Gold Tonight

By: Melissa S. Wollering

While you and I were watching the Opening Ceremonies Friday, Tucker Fredricks (who had the opportunity to experience it live) wasn’t.  He was training for his event, the Men’s 500m Speedskating.

Tucker made his Olympic debut in 2006 in Torino, Italy and finished 25th with a performance he admits he was less than pleased with. He says his results in Torino reflect the way he practiced in his late teens–lacking consistency, intensity and mental focus.

Since 2006, Fredricks’ training has epitomized all three.  Now he hopes to leave the results of Torino in the ice shavings of Vancouver.

“The goals speedskaters set for themselves are very different; anything from just feeling good on their skates to winning Olympic gold,” says Fredricks.  “A few of the goals I would still like to accomplish would be to earn the
title of World Record holder in the 500m, and yes, an Olympic Gold Medal in the 500m.”

Janesville native Tucker Fredricks gets that chance today, with primetime NBC television coverage of his second race tonight. [Read more…]

Couch Potato’s TV Guide to the Vancouver Olympics

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Part two in this three-part series will help you earn a Gold Medal in Olympic Channel Surfing.  Yesterday, we gave you dozens of reasons to watch by telling you about all of the Olympic athletes from the Midwest.

Today, we offer you the verbal genius you’ll need to repetitively make excuses as to why you’re not available for the next month or so.  Go ahead, spending copious amounts of time watching Linsdey Vonn and the snowboarder who resembles Carrot Top but is named the Flying Tomato. Welcome to your Guide to the Vancouver Olympics!

Today, we help you navigate the channels and figure out when to watch. Looking for a great streaming service to watch the games? Check out DirecTV Now. [Read more…]

TSB’s Guide to the Vancouver Olympics


By: Melissa S. Wollering

As the Midwest’s premiere sports website, we wouldn’t leave you hanging by one of five multi-colored rings prior to Opening Ceremonies.  We know you want to watch Olympians from the Great Lakes region and sports you’ve only dreamed of trying, like the luge.  No wait; the bobsled.  No, definitely the luge.

You might start to make excuses as to why you’re not available for the next month or so, while in reality, you’re just spending copious amounts of time watching hot alpine ski chicks and the snowboarder who resembles Carrot Top but is called the Flying Tomato. Welcome to your Guide to the Vancouver Olympics!

We’ll break this GIANT preview down into three digestible parts over the next three days to get you excited.

Wednesday: Athletes Worth Watching from Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin

Thursday: TV Channel Breakdown and Day-by-Day Previews for Ultimate Couch Potatoes

Friday: Name That Flag, A Guide to the Coolest Countries’ Sky Bling [Read more…]

Sidetracked: Tucker Trains Stephen Colbert

By: Melissa S. Wollering

When Stephen Colbert stepped up to sponsor the U.S. Olympic Speedskating Team, he went all-in.  First, he (with the help of fans) dished out $300,000 to cover what Dutch Bank DSB wouldn’t.  Then, he challenged Shani Davis to a skate-off, after Davis allegedly called him a jerk.  When Davis accepted, Colbert decided he needed a teacher.  Not just any teacher—the world’s best.

Enter Wisconsin native and Team USA’s Tucker Fredricks.  We introduced you to the Janesville resident several months ago in this TSB feature. Not only did Tucker teach Comedy Central’s gem to skate on The Colbert Report, but this month’s segment took on a life all its own, landing everyone—including Tucker’s mom—on national television.

“It was a really funny skit,” says Fredricks.  “It was a blast, and he is a really funny guy.” [Read more…]

Sidetracked: Sconnie Speedskater May Go for Gold


By: Melissa S. Wollering

With the Olympics fresh on the minds of many Midwesterners as a result of the Chicago 2016 bid, we here at The SportsBank.net wanted to share one of the region’s best-kept secrets. You know, things that are “kind of a big deal.” Every so often in our new column Sidetracked, we’ll branch out to bring you the best in non-mainstream Midwestern sports talent.  We start with speedskating. If you don’t know him now, you will by Vancouver 2010.  He’s the next big name headed to the Winter Olympics in his sport; Janesville, Wisconsin native Tucker Fredricks. [Read more…]