nhl awards

Good day sports fans!  On Wednesday night, the NHL gathered all its greatest goal getters, stingiest shot stoppers, and dynamic defenseman in Las Vegas for the annual awards show.  Although the action on the stage wasn’t that great (Jay Mohr doing his same three impressions over and over again does not make entertaining television), the real stars of the show were the players and their achievements of the past season.

Some awards I agree with, others I feel the voters, were wrong.  So to get a true sense of the highlights of the past year, I’ve decided to properly hand out the awards, all by myself.  Do I think that highly of myself? Perhaps, but I feel that you, the fan, deserve to know the truth.  And I will have no problem shouting it out.  Please save your applause for the end, when all our recipients have been announced.  Thank you, merci.

By: Bryan Vickroy

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